Shams Khan, Author at FocusU

Shams Khan

Shams Khan, Author at FocusU

May 7, 2016

Show Review : Auto Expo

Being a motor-sports enthusiast, it was a must for me to visit the year’s greatest auto show held in Greater Noida: Auto EXPO 2016.  It is always a delight to see all […]
February 24, 2015

Why Consistency Matters In Service Delivery?

A lot of times it is hard to decide who is a better fighter, the one who can hit really hard one time or the one who can hit again and again […]
November 21, 2014

The Importance Of Having A Positive Work Culture

For the record, let it be known – Mushrooms have always fascinated me. Everything, ranging from its shape, its smell, how it sprouts so quickly and more over about where it grows. […]