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List of the Blog – FocusU India

June 9, 2022

What is Social Learning

June 9, 2022

Deliberate Practice for Skill Mastery

There is a huge difference between just learning for knowledge’s sake and learning to achieve expertise in any field. Whether it is writing, teaching, sports, programming, music, medicine, therapy, chess, or business, it […]
June 9, 2022
How to choose an online course?

How to choose an online course?

Melissa is a Client Advisor at a larger software development firm, based in Australia. She is aiming for a promotion in her organisation and hence, is trying to pick up skills which […]
June 6, 2022

Why Storify Learning?

Two teachers, Olive & Joy arrived one day at a remote village in India, with a passion to teach. Different folks, different strokes. And hence different methods too. Let’s peep into both […]
May 11, 2022
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Pointers For Identifying Leadership Potential

One of the critical levers to help you achieve your business goal is to align, develop and promote the right talent. The challenges that organizations face while doing this and taking managers […]
March 26, 2022
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Moving From Extrinsic To Intrinsic – Motivating Your Team

Motivators are important to understand in the world of leadership. We want to know what is driving people in our team. We also want them to be motivated by something deeper and […]
January 11, 2022
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Why Cross-Functional Collaboration Is Essential for Your Company

Many cutting-edge software businesses, such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon, use cross-team collaboration to grow rapidly. If you still rely on isolated departments, you should reconsider. Collaboration among cross-functional teams is […]
November 30, 2021

4 Characteristics Of A Transformational Leader

The post-pandemic world expects leaders to enable transformational reforms while staying true to traditional values. This is a time for leaders to prove their mettle and help teams achieve unconventional and unprecedented success. Thus, it is important for leaders to embrace their inner creativity and channel it to inspire, empower, and execute changes that transcend everything that has been done before.
November 25, 2021

Leadership Challenges Of 2021: 10 Years To Midnight by Blair Sheppard

Blair Sheppard - Global Leader, Strategy & Leadership at PwC released his ‘Ten Years to Midnight’ book back in August 2020. And after almost two years of a global pandemic, it remains as relevant as ever. The book talks about a supposed timelines of 10 years that the world leaders have before it’s too late. The timeline focuses on 4 urgent global challenges and possible strategic solutions for them. Sheppard urges leaders to act fast, even as the the 70 years long social-economic progress triggered by the Marshall Plan unravels in front of their eyes.
November 22, 2021

How To Effectively Manage A Cross-Generational Team

Cross generational team work can allow for an eclectic, but inspired flow of ideas and varying perspectives. However, leaders often struggle with managing such a culturally and often, technologically diverse team. So, how can managers learn to lead their age-diverse team members better? And where to start?