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Learning & engagement drives results

We believe that learning and engagement are two sides of the same coin. That is why at FocusU, for more than a decade now, we have been obsessed about how to marry the two to deliver impact that makes a real difference to our clients.

The core beliefs that drive every intervention are:

  • Learning should never be boring.
  • There can be no learning without engagement.
  • What is unconventional inspires curiosity, interest,
    engagement – hence learning.
  • Learning is a journey – not a one-off experience.
  • Laughter is no enemy to learning.

3000+ workshops & counting

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We have worked with companies in your industry and have more than a decade of expertise in delivering learning and engagement.

  • Virtual Engagement
  • Leadership Development
  • Innovation Mining
  • Team Building Programs
  • HR Solutions
  • Business Simulations

Our experience and our focus on making learning engaging give us a perspective that most learning organizations can’t offer.

“Brilliantly relevant and flawless in execution”

The intervention that FocusU designed was brilliantly relevant for our Management offsite. It was even better in its flawless execution. The entire day, through a battery of varying exercises got us to smile, laugh, put our thinking caps on, connect but above all reflect constructively about some of our key issues. The facilitators kept the energy and encouragement going but knew exactly where to step back and allow the conversations to move forward unaided. We had great fun. We earned great insights and secured our feedforward plan.


Prabhir Jha
President & Global Chief People Officer, Cipla

Learning is a journey

If it is a skill, you need practice to become proficient.

Drive learning and increase ROI for your learning budgets by aligning to how people learn. If you expect someone to learn basis a single explanation or exposure to a new practice, it is unrealistic. Helping people learn starts with how you design the intervention. An ideal approach includes:

  • Learning powered by engagement.
  • Spaced learning.
  • Opportunity for practice.
  • Peer learning.
  • Opportunity to clarify challenges.

Structure drives behavior – learning design drives learning results.

Learning Journey Snapshot

“Their ability to respond to the brief in a precise manner is commendable”

I have been working with FocusU team for a while now and their ability to respond to the brief in a  precise manner is commendable. Every time there is necessity to do a training intervention, the first choice and the obvious one for us is FocusU and that’s primarily because they have understood our teams much better and the brief’s get executed seamlessly, in other words, FocusU is now an extended family in our business.


Sridhar Aranala
Vice President, Sales & Distribution, The Hindu Group

The Hindu Logo

Laughter is no enemy to learning.

That is why employee engagement and learning can go hand in hand.

Every rupee spent in an organization needs to drive an impact. Employee engagement programs can be reimagined and recrafted in a way where the objective is fun but learning comes along for the ride. This can be done using various experiential learning tools like:

  • CSR based activities.
  • Music
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Technology
  • Construction based activities.
  • Creative challenges

What is unconventional inspires curiosity, interest, engagement – hence learning.

Experiential learning Cycle - FocusU

“They get into the most minute details at all times and plan well in advance”

I have been working with the FocusU Team from the past 4 years and trust me they have surpassed the quality & the way Team building activities are conducted. They get into the most minute details at all times, they plan well in advance and manage the entire event with so much ease, that you really don’t have to ask them anything about what’s going to happen next. An Amazing Team with brilliant concepts and outcome.”


Mayur Thakkar
Account Director, Shobiz Experiential Communications

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