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Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

When it comes to behavior change interventions, in-person sessions that are experiential and gamified, facilitate better engagement, better learning immersion and ultimately better learning outcomes. ILTs are hence an indispensable tool in the armoury of any L&D person.

instructor led training
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What is this about?

Classroom sessions are boring” is a cliche. Like any other learning intervention, it really comes down to how well the session is conceptualised, designed and executed. When done well, the powerful effects of social learning & learning by doing make it an immersive experience.

ILTs can be rolled out based on the constitution of the cohort using different formats like:

  • Case studies
  • Role plays
  • Experiential activities
  • AR / VR based tools
  • Board games
  • Lego bricks
  • Business simulations
  • Storification
  • Flipped classrooms

Our approach to designing an ILT

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Begin with why

What is the business outcome we are targeting?
What are the learning outcomes for this session?

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Qualify what can move the needle

One size never fits all.
Understand the learning cohort: demographics, experience, challenges.

Clarify that the learning event is not the finish line

Learning is a journey. The ILT is only a pitstop.
What can be done before & after to support the learning?

Teams that are very mobile
Plan for the learning transfer

Knowledge x Transfer = Impact. A stand-alone ILT can do only so much.
How can the learner apply learning back at the workplace?

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Align and involve the managers

A great ILT without manager buy-in is a recipe for wasted L&D effort.
How do we keep them informed and involved in the learning process?

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Plan for measuring impact

What gets measured, gets done.
What data points can we credibly measure through the course of this intervention?

Frequently asked questions

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Each learning journey is different. So, it is usually crafted based on the client’s specific learning need. A typical learning journey can take 3-4 weeks at minimum from the pre assessment to the post assessment phase. It can be as long as a year for certain topics that need more practice loops to be woven in.

Yes, this can be done if a need for this is perceived.

Learning is not just about knowing new things. It is about assimilating it, pondering over it, questioning it, challenging it and finally coming to a new understanding of the topic and seeing it with new eyes. Group reflection helps learners see topics through multiple perspectives, accelerates motivation and enriches learners. In a typical 45 minute session, participants share their experiences on using some of the skills learned from the previous segments of the journey. As facilitators, we believe the wisdom lies with the group. The facilitator guides the group through thoughtful questions and possible solutions to challenges they face. They also employ the benefits of peer learning and encourage cohort members to support each other and share their own best practices.

The short answer is, “it depends.” The long answer being - it depends on the objective of the learning engagement. If it is a skill, one needs practice to become proficient. Through repeated practice loops and exposure to new contexts, learners get an opportunity to hone new skills. This is facilitated through peer learning, workplace application projects, or spaced learning mechanisms. However, if the objective of the learning engagement is basic knowledge only, much of this may not be needed.

The assessments are usually curated by our design team depending on the learning need. The administration is usually done online at least a week before the workshop so that the facilitators can use the insights in the delivery.

If it is a skill, it needs practice for it to seep into a learner. In such cases, the learning interventions are spaced out over a few months. In this time, the learner goes through a string of experiences that can include some or all of these: ILTs, VILTs, simulations, microlearning, group coaching, 1-1 coaching, Masterclass sessions, workplace application exercises, assessments and action learning projects.

ILTs can range anywhere between 2 hours to 2 full days depending on the topic. A typical one-day ILT gets divided into 4 ninety-minute chunks that are balanced between activities, reflection, and discussion to ensure optimum engagement for learners.

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    A lot of folks were very excited to hear you speak in your Masterclass session and learn through the real-life examples from the cricketing world. As I am talking to more people, I am getting multiple such feedback. Thank you for a very engaging and insightful session.

    Mr. Amit Jain
    Amazon Web Services Principal HRBP
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    This holistic approach offers a new decision-making framework that managers in a variety of enterprises, cultures, and countries are using to help ensure that the decisions they take are economically, socially, and environmentally sound. I recommend this course for both functional and technical leaders.

    Cory L. Smith
    American Express
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    We need a high energy program which makes each member truly belong to the team”. This was the brief we gave to FocusU team. We were glad we decided to go with them because all the activities that the team did were high on energy with a specific focus in mind. At the end, we came out as a better team, knew so much about each other. There was lot of trust, bonhomie and 'can do' attitude at the end.

    Shekhar Chhajer
    India and Middle East - Daimler CIO - South East Asia
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    FocusU conducted an excellent training program - the team was full of energy and enthusiasm. The sessions were led with tremendous gusto ensuring participation of each member. The messages were driven home through a very intuitive process of games in practice followed by theory sessions. The process of taking immediate feedback and discussion resulted in participative and experiential learning.

    Sandeep Kakar
    Aditya Birla Capital
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    It was a fabulous experience and the entire session was conceptualized with deep thought and executed with fine precision. The catalogue of activities planned out for us extended the perfect opportunity to introspect on self and make way for more team building. Professionalism and great dedication are the hallmarks of the team from FocusU, and I wish them all the very best.

    Santosh Panicker
    Sears Holdings India CPO