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Why should you be considering a Masterclass for your L&D program?

How We Do It

Masterclass: Frequently Asked Questions

1Why should I consider doing a Masterclass?
The difference that the person teaching a topic can make is something all of us would have experienced in school or college. The Masters we have chosen are the ones who are at the peak of their game when it comes to their specific topics. Each of their credentials is so strong that it speaks for itself.
2What are interactive Vebinars?
Interactive vebinars conducted by the masters would be intensive learning sessions for small groups of 20 participants at the most. These sessions would be interactive in nature where the participants would be able to ask questions and interact more with the Masters, unlike the keynotes
3What is the maximum number of people who can join keynote sessions?
There is no limit, we could have a range of upto 1000 depending on the video conferencing platform.
4What is the duration of these sessions?
The keynote sessions range from 60 – 75 minutes with the last 15 minutes for Q&A. The interactive webinars range from 90 - 120 minutes.
5Does the cost change with the number of people?
No it does not.
6Can we customize these sessions?
The sessions can be customized to the context of the team and the organization.
7Since many of the Masters are not based out of India, would they understand the nuances of business here?
They are known as Masters for a reason. Also, the masters would be available for a pre-discussion with the client to understand their business in detail and accordingly make it more contextual for their teams.
8Can we get a clip to see his/her keynotes?
That would not be possible since we cannot record any of the sessions delivered by these Masters. However, a short introductory clip is available on our website for your understanding.
9Has the Master conducted similar keynotes for any other organizations?
Yes, it is detailed in their write-ups 
10Can we do a dry run of the keynote right before the workshop, just to ensure that it is seamless and delivered without any lags?
The technical checks before the workshop are mandatory – and we insist on that, for a smooth delivery. However doing a dry run of the entire talk would not be feasible.
11Can a Masterclass be done internally by your team?
Masterclass by definition is run by people who are widely recognized as Masters. In case you are interested in keynotes being run by our Facilitatos, we can do it. However that is a different offering in our portfolio.
12How is the Masterclass better than doing a team experience program where people learn out of their own experiences?
Someone has rightly said that it is not always important to go through a failure to learn from it. If there are people ready to share their experiences and learning through their journey of life, nothing like it!  The Masterclass is a fast forward way of learning.
13Is there a concession on the costs if a series of masterclass sessions are conducted?
Yes. Lets discuss.
14Can we have initial meetings with the masters for expectation setting? Would this be charged separately?
Yes, the masters would be available for a pre-discussion. There are no extra charges for this.
15Can someone very senior in our organization pitch in-between to relate the talk to the business context?
In the interest of time, we wouldn’t advise this. However, having a moderator from the client side who would contextualize the learning towards the end always helps make learning better.
16Can a Masterclass be a part of a learning journey for a cohort?
Yes, that is a very smart way to fit in a Masterclass, since it adds tremendous value to the learning journey. For example, a leadership program on Leading Change could possibly have the following components:
• Kick-off through a Masterclass by Prakash Iyer
• Macro learning through VEbinars on Leading Change
• Experiential learning through an online simulation like Cymorg
• Reinforcement through Microlearning modules
17How do you ensure connect after the masterclass?
The Masterclass programs could be followed up by a microlearning module on the specified topic. These would be bite sized modules for reinforcing learning for the participants. This would be delivered through an app on the phones of participants
18Would these microlearning modules be included in the Masterclass costs?
Microlearning modules to reinforce learning are offered as an option. The charges are not bundled in by default.