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Business Simulations

Business simulations offer impactful learning by allowing individuals to practice and experience their plans and strategies in a realistic, risk-free environment before applying them in the real world.

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what is this about

What is this about?

Business Simulations can be rolled out in different formats:

  • Online simulations
  • Board based simulations

Our approach to delivering Business Simulation sessions

A Simulation by itself may not result in learning – as it is only a tool.
It allows learners a risk free environment where they can practice a skill. It

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Begin with why

What is the business outcome we are targeting?
What are the learning outcomes for this session?

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Qualify what can move the needle

One size never fits all.
Understand the learning cohort: demographics, experience, challenges.

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Clarify that the learning event is not the finish line

Learning is a journey. The Business Simulation is only a pitstop.
What can be done before & after to support the learning?

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Plan for the learning transfer

Knowledge x Transfer = Impact. Without a debrief, it is just an experience.
Post the learners experiencing the sim, a facilitated discussion by our Facilitators is what makes the learning come alive for them.

team alignment
Align and involve the managers.

A great Business Simulation without manager buy-in is a recipe for wasted L&D effort.
How do we keep them informed and involved in the learning process?

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Plan for measuring impact

What gets measured, gets done.
Detailed personalised reports for each individual participant makes the learning meaningful.

Where can you use Business Simulations?

Business Simulations can be used in different ways while crafting learning interventions—

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As part of ILTs
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As part of VILTs
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As stand-alone interventions
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As pre-work before an ILT/VILT to prime learners about a topic
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As post-workshop practice after an ILT/VILT for learning reinforcement
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As part of learning journeys in the application phase
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In Flipped classrooms

Frequently asked questions

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Simulations can range anywhere between 1 hour to 3 hours depending on the topic. A typical session starts with a Facilitator briefing of the sim which lasts 30 minutes, the sim play which lasts 30-60 mins and the debrief after that which lasts 60-90 minutes.

Do speak to us. We would be glad to give a few key stakeholders an experience of the same, so that you get a first hand sense of the impact that can be delivered.

Yes, most of the sims can be made available on a self-serve mode too. Do speak to our client advisors. They will be glad to guide you.

While theoretically the answer is yes, most simulations require the Facilitator to be certified on it before they can facilitate the same.

Many of the online courses available today are self-running. Hence, they are too dependent on the individual interest of the learner for completion. It is also difficult for L&D teams to measure completion and effectiveness.

Yes, a report is generated for every participant after the completion of the simulation. The report consists of in-depth analysis of the performance of the participants and provides suggestions for improvements. Please note – while this is true for most simulations, there are exceptions. Our team will advise on more details of each simulation.

Most of the simulations are relevant for managerial population since they focus on topics like situational leadership, feedback conversations,. Critical conversations etc. However, there are a few nuances that are different for different simulations. Our team will advise on more details of each simulation.

Simulations come in two formats – synchronous and asynchronous. Most of the simulations are asynchronous. This means participants have the flexibility of logging in at different times and playing the simulation independent of each other. While the team cannot see the progress of the team members during the simulation, they have an option of seeing the leader board stating the performance of every team member at the end of it.

Asynchronous simulations do not require participants to log in at the same time as a technical requirement. However if the 3-steps of running these simulations (i.e Briefing – Simulation Play – Debriefing) are to be done back to back, then participants will need to take the Simulation Play at the same time. It is recommended that participants take this together at the same time, since we can hand-hold participants with any technical difficulty that they have while doing this.

Technically yes, this can be done. But we do not recommend this. It is always better to talk about a learning experience immediately after it happens. This ensures that the learning that is fresh in people’s minds can be tapped onto by the Facilitator. Also, since reports are generated as soon as the game play ends, it is advisable to have a Facilitator walk the participants through the report rather than allow it to be interpreted incorrectly by the participants.

For learning to be meaningful a learning cohort is always useful. Hence though there is no technical limitation in the simulations, we recommend a minimum of 6 participants to be there. The maximum that we recommend is 20 per session. For larger teams, we can break up the team into smaller groups within these limits. For example, if you have a team of 42 people, we would recommend running 3 parallel sessions of 14 people each.

No. The experience is just not the same.

Thousands of businesses of all sizes, from
startups to large enterprises trust us

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    It forced me to learn and grow in spite of dealing with my busy schedule of juggling between work and a new-born back at home. You helped me understand new concepts in merely 15-30 mins ; and challenged me to think through different issues I should deal with. I should get them sorted mentally in my mind first than in real life. Thank you for helping me grow my knowledge.

    Ketki Desai
    SMOLLAN Area Asst. - West Region
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    It’s not about the content or activities. Those can be replicated by others. It’s what the FocusU team does with them which makes the experience so special.

    Tanmaya Vats
    PepsiCo Global Value Innovation Center Vice President & Head
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    I cannot praise the FocusU team highly enough. Laser precision in everything they did. Please pass on our appreciation to the team.

    Ritesh Ranjan
    CGI Director, Learning & Development
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    The team had a great experience at the engagement session! Would say this is easily one of the best sessions I would have attended in a long time – the mix of fun and messaging was perfect and can easily notice the change in attitudes on the floor. Well done, pls. convey my kudos to the rest of the team as well.

    Karan Sapra
    Aditya Birla Head – West
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    Just wanted to let you know that we had a great experience with FocusU. All the activities were well designed and implemented. The team was brilliant.

    Divya Gupta
    Aavishkaar Investment Manager
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    The dance session was really awesome. We learned some great and interesting dance steps with expressions. The best part is that we all were dancing virtually but still we were able to match our steps with the music. It was really engaging and we all had so much fun. Thank you so much.

    Divya Chawla
    WW Studio Executive Assistant to Lead HP
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    The game was fantastic, and it couldn’t have come along at a better time.

    David Arneil
    H&A Head of Design
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    The entire set of topics had a good coverage on the day to day activities in a corporate life. It was fun to solve the challenges and a good learning experience. Thank you 😊

    Vinod Unni
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    The Learning challenge was very informative and challenging. The thing which I love about this challenge is that it provides videos also that make it easy to understand the concept.

    Vishal More
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    Without a shadow of a doubt, it was one of the finest team building event, I have experienced & same was the reaction from the participants too. Our facilitators were impressed & had high feedback for your team. Thanks to the entire team for giving us such a memorable experience .

    Sunanda Gulati
    NXP Semiconductors Learning and Development Head