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Our Impact

Over the years, we have worked with clients in multiple sectors, customising learning journeys and engagement experiences, to their unique context.

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How does the growth of FocusU create a positive impact on our society?

One of the things that makes us happiest as founders is when people who have left us, call us back to tell us that the values that they learnt here of CHOPS (Care, Humility, Ownership, Passion, Safety) has become a way of life for them. Even if there is a bit of truth in that, we think we have inspired them to be better human beings.

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People who have worked with us have gone on to be picked up by companies like Adobe, Google, Coursera, Deloitte & Linkedin. That tells us that we are doing something right in terms of developing our people to be better professionals.

People who have worked with us have gone on to start at least 7 new ventures that we are aware of. Spawning so many entrepreneurs who then go on to generate more jobs, is a matter of pride for us.

Amongst all the work that we do, one kind that particularly touches our hearts is the CSR based engagement activities that we introduced many years back.

As a part of that, we have today got
companies to donate:


wheel chairs


Cycles to orphans


Prosthetic hands


Play desks
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Each of the cycles & wheel chairs have a 1:10 impact, since they become shared resources. Further, we have inspired other competitors to follow suit – hence impacting an even larger population. Through all the work that we do, we try and land the message that our learners can “Be More”. Inspiring we before me.

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