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Our mission is to enable people & teams be more through meaningful learning.

We help people & teams #BeMore

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What we do

We are in the business of facilitating improved business results.

Different strokes for different folks. Depending on the client context, we recommend the right mix of learning tools and interventions that will help create a tangible impact to the business.

Training is not always the solution. Sometimes, it is engagement, sometimes just a job-aid, sometimes neither.

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Our Story

Once upon a time, there were two friends working in an MNC. Every time that they attended trainings, they came out totally bored. One day, they attended an experiential learning workshop that blew their mind. That led them to ask, “How can we make all learning engaging & impactful?” This set them off on a journey to explore many unconventional methods of learning delivery. Until finally they realized that the route to impactful learning is only through inspiring engagement and curiosity! On the way, they met many other believers. This became the FocusU family. We are a bunch of people who are obsessed about delivering learning that truly makes a difference!

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable people & teams be more through meaningful learning.

We solve two big problems for our clients.

  • Learner engagement: When a learning intervention is not customised, learners are not engaged.
  • Application of learning: Without planning for learning transfer, investments on training deliver very less ROI.

We believe one size never fits all. Hence for each engagement, we take time to understand the need deeply. We ask a lot of questions and at times push back against what we think are unrealistic expectations from a training program. But eventually this helps our clients and us arrive at a shared understanding on how we can create tangible impact for the business. Only then do we proceed to designing the learning intervention. And we own it end-to-end in terms of content, delivery, communication and program management.

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Our guiding beliefs about learning

  • Every learning intervention should be linked to how it will impact employee performance at the workplace
  • The learning event is not the finish line for a learning intervention
  • Every learning should include a plan for the learning transfer too
  • Managers (to whom a learner reports) should be co-opted in the learning process
  • Every learning challenge does not call for a workshop
  • Learning should be viewed as a journey and designed as one
  • Expecting someone to learn, basis a single explanation or exposure is unrealistic
  • True learning happens when:
    • Learning is aligned to business outcomes
    • Learning is designed for application
    • Learning is spaced out
    • Learners are given opportunities for practice
    • Opportunities for peer learning are woven in
    • There are opportunities to clarify challenges
  • Structure drives behavior – learning design drives business impact.

A few ways we like to apply technology are by:

  • Enabling collaborative learning and peer feedback
  • Facilitating asynchronous learning
  • Enabling social learning
  • Weaving in gamification elements
  • Complementing and reinforcing in-person learning sessions
  • Giving an opportunity to practice through simulations
  • Getting learners to move away from persisting in the old way to embracing the new way calls for careful thought and intent – at the design stage itself
  • A few ways we like to do this are by:
    • Integrating job aids in the learning process
    • Providing online material and reference books – to inspire further learning
    • Encouraging peer-to-peer learning and sharing post the workshop
    • Putting mechanisms that encourage feedback
    • Supporting managers with simple tools to calibrate and encourage progress
    • Working closely with participants and stakeholders on improvement possibilities for future workshops

For the impact of every learning intervention to be measured, we believe in:

  • Starting every engagement with a L&D stakeholder with, “Why?”
  • Checking for what specifically will participants do differently and better?
  • Suggesting different ways of evaluation.
  • Integrating evaluation in the learning design.
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The people behind FocusU

We are a passionate bunch, who hope to inspire the people we touch through
the quality of our work. We believe learning can be a powerful tool in
catalyzing business performance by helping individuals #BeMore.

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