The FocusU Credo is in most parts, what we are every day. But it is also – what we aspire to be. It is also a call out to all those “awesome” people out there who think on broadly similar lines – and are still searching for a place to “arrive” at! Have a quick dekko at our culture deck and our own FocusU anthem, to get a sense of what it is – to be a part of our team.

The FocusU Life

We are not the typical company – we never want to be. We are collegial, we are informal, we don’t believe in designations or hierarchies, we laugh a lot & yet we are intense and passionate to the core. Here are a few elements of the FocusU Life:

Continuous Learning

Following Passions

Nishit Lal

A Facilitator who loves to read, write and inspire people. Has written 4 books so far – also finds time to pursue Yoga, his own blog & go in as a freelance speaker

Prabhjot Singh

Loves web designing and tinkering around the net. Is passionate about bringing in new technologies. He runs his own website ( on the side.

Kamal Bhardwaj

Co-Facilitator with us. Super passionate about bikes & travelling – finds time to indulge in his passion every week – all this along with his job at FOCUS.

Siddharth Chaudhary

Is a Facilitator with us. Fitness maniac – Marathon runner – does all that along with his day job here with us. And motivates all the rest of us too!


We believe that celebrations and rituals are not about the event. They’re about touching the hearts and souls of individuals. And so, we look for excuses to celebrate.

• Here is how we invite new people into our fold

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FOCUS Adventure India

is now

We’ve changed our name to reflect our increased focus on learning & development. A few things change – as you would notice out here. However, one thing remains constant – our passion to deliver workshops with a difference. We’re the same people you have long trusted.