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Team Archives - FocusU

June 28, 2016

There is an I in Team

They say a team is as good as it’s weakest link. When I got into the details to understand this more, it made me realize that there is an I in team. […]
December 19, 2015

20 Ideas To Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

To do what is comfortable, is human nature. The average human would always choose the path of least resistance over the road less travelled. And yet, a kite can only rise up […]
December 18, 2015

Why Resilience Matters?

Frequently we get upset about our failures and allow them to affect our progress. Are we unfair to ourselves? Certainly, we are. What’s the most common thing we do? We dwell in […]
December 11, 2015

Can You Influence When You Have No Authority?

This is a frequent question we come across in our workshops. Participants in different job roles who would tell us candidly – they don’t have positional authority, they don’t have people reporting […]
December 5, 2015

Why Should Start-Ups Invest In Team Building Activities?

And suddenly, we hear more & more news of startups – but for all the wrong reasons! First it was the food ordering startup TinyOwl, that garnered much attention because of laying […]
July 12, 2013

5 Tips for Facilitating Large Group Meetings

First things first. How do we define a “large group”? Any group that has more than around 30 people can be safely categorized under this nomenclature. Managing conversations even in a small […]
December 24, 2012

100 Inspiring Quotations on Team Work

Quotations inspire – they show the way – they are distilled wisdom. Here is a collection of 100 quotations on Team work (arranged in no particular order), all collected from different sources […]
February 28, 2012

Constructing a TEAM IDENTITY

We recently worked with a senior team which had a new leader. The fact that the leaders working style was very different from the previous leader and the added fact that nearly […]
November 24, 2011

Why Invest In Team Building Activities?

Last week, I had a rather interesting conversation with a friend, whose company had taken him for an annual offsite at Goa. The purported objective of the offsite was team motivation and […]
November 3, 2011

How To Facilitate In Vernacular?

Of late, we have had an increasing trend of clients requesting for Team building sessions to be conducted in Hindi or that interesting mix of English & Hindi, popularly referred to as […]