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FocusU Learning Partners

Over the years, we have worked with many organizations together as partners. We have learnt so much from them that has inspired us in our own journey. We cherish each of these partnerships.  


XpertUS, founded by Dr. Errol Wirasinghe is perhaps the only organization in the world that offers training in “Analytical Decision Making.” The thought leadership of XpertUS in this field has been established by the many books that Dr. Errol has written over the years. His paperback and e-books include “The Art of Making Decisions”; “The Decision-Making Handbook”; “Better Defensible Decisions”; “The Negotiator’s Handbook”; “Essential Negotiating Skills”. His decision making techniques were used for deciding where to drill for oil, based on seismic studies from different locations. In 1990, Dr. Wirasinghe adopted it for general applications. Today, his process is used in disciplines as diverse as budgeting, career planning, safety, purchasing, bid evaluation, recruiting, performance evaluations, customer rankings, etc.

KNOLSKAPE creates experiential solutions that transforms organizations into a modern workforce. Their core belief is that desired business outcomes are achieved best with an engaged workforce. Keeping with this philosophy, they develop engaging, immersive, and experiential solutions for talent assessment, development, and engagement. KNOLSKAPE, a global Top 20 gamification company, has been a three-time recipient of Brandon Hall awards, and has also been recognized as a company to watch out for in the Talent Management Space, by Frost & Sullivan, and as a top disruptor in the learning space, by Bersin by Deloitte.

One of the biggest team building providers in Singapore, they have also been winning the award for the best team building company in Singapore for many years in a row now. This was the company that inspired us to get started. Andrew Chua and his team guided us in our early years – training all our initial Facilitators through a 3 month OJT (On the Job Training) stint. We will ever be in gratitude for all the learning we have received from them.

Run by Robert Rasmussen, one of the Fathers of the Lego Serious Play methodology in the world, they taught us the LSP methodology. But beyond that the generosity and open sharing that Robert did in helping us get going with LSP in India, really helped us get started in our early days. His easy style of Facilitation is something that has much inspired us too.
Perhaps two of the best Facilitators in the country today, Janaki and Mahesh with their contrasting styles have inspired a lot of us in FocusU, not just in embracing the MBTI® instrument and taking it to different corporates, but also in being better Facilitators, true to our Type. They busted the myths we held early in our journey, that great Facilitators have to be the rah-rah variety. The importance of understanding a topic in depth was brought home to us by knowing their own stories.

The digital gaming gurus. Urban Gaming has not only helped introduce us to a whole new set of digital offerings, but also helped us become the part of a world-wide network of 29 agencies worldwide that collaborate ideas and more in delivering world class experiences to our clients in the various countries. Here are a few of these partners you can look up, in case you are looking for interventions in other countries:

Ireland: Sean Devereux | Norway: Tommy Sand | Denmark: Allan Hansen | Belgium: Julien Descurieux | Luxembourg: Xavier Langhendries | Paris: Martin Tissier | Singapore: Bertrand Bidaud | United Kingdom: Philip England

Terence and his team at Emergenetics Asia Pacific introduced us to the wonderful world of Emergenetics through a train the trainer session that they conducted for us here in India. Since then they have always been super responsive in guiding us on this path of running EG workshops for teams and leaders.
Led by the irrepressible Adam Thompson (of Chocolate Starfish fame), Muso Magic worked with us at one of our own offsites to help create the FOCUS Anthem. Since then, we have worked together to create similar engaging experiences for many of our other clients through the Muso Magic Challenge. Adam through his personality and through his work on music, philanthropy and team engagement is someone we take great inspiration from.
Run by Dr.Scott Simmerman – the creator of the massively popular team game, “The Search for the Lost Dutchman’s Goldmine” – they guided us in introducing the same into our bunch of offerings. With cowboy hats and bandanas to accentuate the feel and country music to pep up the ambience, the Lost Dutchman brought in a whole new way of learning with fun to many of the corporates that we have worked with
Founded by two of the best Facilitators that we have ever come across Andy Pan and Shan were the role models many of us modelled ourselves on in the early days. The company they run continues to pick up accolades on a very regular basis, for the sheer quality of Facilitation they bring in. Over the years, they have not just taught us many new offerings, but also actually come down and run it for us too! We continue to be inspired by their work

FocusU Event Partners

We work closely with event partners across the country. Large engagements call for an extremely tight collaboration between our team and the on-ground teams of event partners, hotel staff and other vendors without which things don’t go like clock work. Over the years, we can safely say – making such partnerships work (and happily so) has been one of our success mantras!

So why should you as an event partner be considering us?
PORTFOLIO: A large portfolio of offerings that we continuously keep adding to. Drop in to our website every month – you will see atleast 3 new offerings! You have long standing clients who do programs with you every year. An increasing number of them want to do short duration activities for large teams. We understand how important it is to be able to continuously showcase new offerings to them!

UNDERSTANDING: We have been in this business for close to a decade now. We understand your concerns when it comes to partnering and execution. Once we partner – we truly want you to succeed. We know how important it is to maintain client confidentiality. We know you hate surprises (especially if they are last minute). Our knowledge of having worked closely with most venues and having teams with local expertise always helps us in bringing the best experience to the table for us to together succeed.

SPEED: As much as it gets on our nerves, we also understand that you have clients who are super demanding. Hence every request for a proposal is urgent (well mostly). So while we want our own team to have work-life balance, we will always stretch to meet your time deadlines (lets say 99.5% of the time!)

WIN-WIN: We truly understand that our relationships have to be win-win. We would like you to win every single time that you partner with us. The mission statement of our organization: To inspire WE before ME is the guiding light we use to make this happen. For partners who work regularly with us, we would rather work on rate contracts than discuss pricing every single time.

ALL HEART: As an organization, we are more heart and less mind. What that means is, we are super passionate about what we do, we always bring our 100% into what we do, we care about the teams (ours and the extended ones) that we work with and if our work does not meet the quality standards of our client, we would not even charge for the work done.
Don’t take our word for all the things that we say. This is what some of the event partners we have partnered with, have to say about us:

“Our hunt for a very professional company to engage our clients through team building activities finally got over after we found FocusU.

Every time we made a pitching PPT, we made sure we had FocusU placed first above all our list of suggestions for that day… their team of experts, engagement activities, innovative ideas, flawless coordination and execution always brought a Wow factor in every event of ours. Working with a great organization like FocusU made us feel we have grown a notch higher as an event company and their engagements only elevated our reputation to another level every time.

We just don’t have FocusU id cards, but we make sure we incorporate a ‘FocusU Element’ every time as much as you all do. Thank you FocusU!”
– Renaissance Event Management – Founders | Raghini & Umesh
“We had a great experience working with you guys. It was a flawless activity with everything on place, on time. The client is very happy and everyone had a great time.” – Dhvani, Wizcraft
“Team bonding activities is a vital aspect of Experiential marketing today. Team members better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses and interests along with having a fun time during offsites – through such interventions.

FocusU is in the forefront of such engagements – meeting our shared needs, purpose and goals across different audience strengths and geographical locations. BOI has partnered with FocusU to deliver some award-winning solutions for our clients in India and International locale. ”
– Rahi S, Director | BOI Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
“As the name says F-Fantastic, O-Outstanding, C-Confident, U-Useful, S-Safe – I have been working with this Team from past 4 years and trust me they have surpassed the Quality & the way Team Building Activities are conducted.

They get into this minute details at all times, they plan well in advance and manage the entire event with so much ease, that you really don’t have to ask them anything about what’s going to happen next.

Amazing Team with brilliant concepts and outcome.”
– Mayur Thakkar – Account Director | Shobiz Experiential Communications