The MusoMagic Challenge

Here are a few scenarios for you to think about:

• You are a Team Leader who is wondering what kind of experience will not just bond your team together, but keep them charged up through their journey of the next two years?
• You are a HR Leader – and you are looking for some powerful way to bring the core values alive to the entire organization
• You are part of the Organizing Committee for the annual offsite – and you are in search for an engagement activity that keeps every single person completely immersed…. And you want a concrete take away at the end of it all

Does any of these sound like you?

If yes, read on. If not, read on still – you may have just stumbled upon something that you need but we have not been able to articulate for.

So what is The MusoMagic Challenge?

The MusoMagic Challenge is like a comprehensive stage production, where we use music, dance choreography, visual storytelling and the art of writing songs to together create an anthem for the team. Our team then edits all this creativity into a final product that every participant will relate to as they had a valuable part in creating it. An outcome to stand the test of time!

The collective pride that the whole team feels when they see the final edited version of their own anthem, that they helped co-create, is immense. Before we roll out anything for our customers, we always try it on ourselves. So before we tell you more, have a look at the team anthem that one of the teams we did this for created. It gives us goosebumps, every time we see it!

Can you give us an idea what to expect?

A lot of undiluted fun and tremendous engagement for sure. But to give you a snapshot of how we go about doing this, this is what you can expect:

• A few icebreakers to relax the nerves and fire up the spirits
• 3-5 activity stations to gather lyrics for the song and practice the chorus
• A brief, guided stream of conscious writing activity to produce hundreds of uncensored lyric options from all the participants combined
• Writing the verse and filming of the scenes
• Learning to sing the newly created verses – along with the chorus
• Storyboard and film the interpretations of the new lyrics they have written.
• One final 10 minute highly charged and choreographed singing & dancing in a (hopefully) picturesque location

Our team then retreats to mix the song, edit the video and 8 hours later.. hey presto…

Your eager team is then invited to join together in front of a video screen to celebrate a high quality radio ready song and video ….. how we do all of that in a day… well, that is the MAGIC part.

So are there any learning outcomes or is this purely an experience?

This can be done purely as a team experience ofcourse – if you don’t have the time for it.. But, come to think of it – there are so many powerful debrief lines that can be explored with this activity that not doing a powerful debrief almost seems like a wasted opportunity to us!

A few aspects that can be brought out powerfully through The MusoMagic Challenge are:
• Overcoming pre-conceptions and mental biases – of what we can and what we cannot do
• Breaking Silos – by moving from a ME to a WE world view
• Collaboration – across functions, hierarchies and ranks
• Team work and Team bonding – how it came about so naturally & the role of different individuals in making it happen!

The MusoMagic Challenge requires both indoor and outdoor spaces to bring out the magic in its true essence. It can be done for groups from a minimum of 20 to upto around 700 people at a time. And yes, it does not require any prior knowledge of music or song writing from participants. All it requires is an open mind.

FocusU brings to life The MusoMagic Challenge, in partnership with MusoMagic of Australia (founded by award winning artist Adam Thompson).

If you are curious and would like to know more – please pick up the phone and call us today to explore one of our most powerful team experiences!