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Online Business Simulations

Online business simulations can act as powerful tools that every organization can tap into to teach their leaders and team members. By practicing things first before trying them out in the real world and helping them experience a first-hand view of how their plans and strategies will work out in a realistic and risk-free environment, business simulations help deliver learning in a very impactful way.

FocusU brings a curated list of some of the best business simulations for corporates and for education. We test every simulation rigorously for ease of use, theoretical rigour and learning impact before offering it ahead to our clients.

Which do you prefer?

Why should L&D teams embrace Online Business Simulations?

Why try Online Business Simulations from FocusU?


The value that a good Facilitator brings to any learning engagement is priceless. All our Facilitators come with wide ranging subject matter knowledge and facilitation experience that matters.


We explore far and wide, test a whole bunch of online business simulations ourselves at our Innovation Labs, before we choose one that we think is best for our clients from a learning perspective.


We believe that learning gets anchored when we take action. Each course is designed in a manner that nudges participants to contemplate, debate & arrive at actionable insights.

How we do it?


The simulation is introduced to participants through a video conference, where all participants log in. Doubts are clarified. Typically takes around 30 minutes.


All participants log in to the simulation and take it individually in synchronous or asynchronous mode depending on the simulation. This takes 30-120 minutes.


Participants log in again to a video conference where the whole simulation play and results are discussed and the learning from it is debriefed. This takes 60 minutes.

A snapshot of our Online Business Simulation offerings:

Online Business Simulations: All Your Queries Answered

The simulations are led by a FocusU facilitator in a webinar format

Many of the online courses available today are self-running. Hence, they are too dependent on the individual interest of the learner for completion. It is also difficult for L&D teams to measure completion and effectiveness. <br/>
Online Simulations on the other hand actively engage participants. The actual simulation itself is a gamified experience and hence totally captivates participants. Debrief sessions that follow, help the participants to understand the simulation report and gain insights which they can readily apply at work. This brings an additional layer of depth and richness to the online learning experience.

Yes, a report is generated for every participant after the completion of the simulation. The report consists of in-depth analysis of the performance of the participants and provides suggestions for improvements. Please note – while this is true for most simulations, there are exceptions. Do speak to our Client Advisors for more details of each simulation.

Most of the simulations are relevant for managerial population since they focus on topics like situational leadership, feedback conversations. critical conversations etc. However, there are a few nuances that are different for different simulations. Do speak to our Client Advisors for more details of each simulation.

Different simulations focus on different learning objectives or organizational behaviours. The detailed write-ups of the different offerings will give you an idea about which simulation is most appropriate for your audience. Alternatively, a chat with our Client Advisors can help guide you in narrowing down to the most optimum simulation for your team.

Simulations come in two formats – synchronous and asynchronous. Most of the simulations are asynchronous. This means participants have the flexibility of logging in at different times and playing the simulation independent of each other. While the team cannot see the progress of the team members during the simulation, they have an option of seeing the leader board stating the performance of every team member at the end of it.

Yes, Evivve, and Rocket, are multi-player simulations that works in a synchronous mode. That means players can all log in at one time and play the simulation together.

Asynchronous simulations do not require participants to log in at the same time as a technical requirement. However if the 3-steps of running these simulations (i.e Briefing – Simulation Play – Debriefing) are to be done back to back, then participants will need to take the Simulation Play at the same time. It is recommended that participants take this together at the same time, since we can hand-hold participants with any technical difficulty that they have while doing this.

Technically yes, this can be done. But we do not recommend this. It is always better to talk about a learning experience immediately after it happens. This ensures that the learning that is fresh in people’s minds can be tapped onto by the Facilitator. Also, since reports are generated as soon as the game play ends, it is advisable to have a Facilitator walk the participants through the report rather than allow it to be interpreted incorrectly by the participants.

The format of the simulation remains the same, however the debrief session is customizable to suit the specific learning objectives of different clients.

For learning to be meaningful a learning cohort is always useful. Hence though there is no technical limitation in the simulations, we recommend a minimum of 6 participants to be there. The maximum that we recommend is 20 per session (Except for Evivve and Rocket where we have a cap of 12). For larger teams, we can break up the team into smaller groups within these limits. For example, if you have a team of 42 people, we would recommend running 3 parallel sessions of 14 people each.

No. The experience is just not the same.

No. For now, we are not offering individual feedback sessions (apart from the detailed group debrief at the end of the session). However, a Group coaching session that involves a detailed deep dive into a specific topic, run in the form of a Webinar can be opted for at an additional cost

No, since these are license based simulations and facilitator led for impact. Videos are available for each of them to understand the execution and the objectives. For a deeper discussion, do reach out to our Client Advisors.

Yes. The facilitator is always available to take up questions and queries.

Yes, the simulation can be played from anywhere in the world.

The license cost is incorporated into the overall fees that will be shared with you.

The strength of each of our Simulation partners is in the software development of the simulations. The value that FocusU adds is in terms of making the virtual session participative, the insightful debriefs and making the linkages to the learning outcomes.

The more the questions, the more the clarity you finally have. Isn’t it? Please pick up your phone and feel free to call us at +91-8882337788 or write to us at We will get back to you pronto!

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