Microlearning Solutions

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” -Pablo Picasso

What is Microlearning?

Images speak better than words. So here is a 2-minute lesson!

Why Microlearning?

The learning decay after the first 30 days of a workshop is nearly 80%. Unless a workshop intervention is immediately complemented by a micro-learning module that follows it, most of the money spent on the training is wasted. Bite-sized content which is meaningful, engaging and easy to digest works effectively in ensuring learning retention. Few of the features which make it effective are:

How can you integrate microlearning into your Learning & Development Strategy?


Why you should try one:

• Content that is tried and tested in our workshops
• Ready, set go! Very little set up and implementation time
• Delivered on the mobiles of every employee!
• Self-paced learning (1-6 months) in bite sized modules
• Maximum ROI for your learning budget

Here are a few of our curated offerings that are available off-the-shelf for your team to dive into:

  • Ketki Desai
    It forced me to learn and grow in spite of dealing with my busy schedule of juggling between work and a new-born back at home... you not only helped me understand new concept in merely 15 mins span to 30 mins., but also challenged me to think through different issues I feel, I should deal with. I should get them sorted mentally in my mind first than in real life... Thank you for helping me GROW my knowledge...
    Ketki Desai
    Area Asst. - West Region | SMOLLAN
  • Thank you FocusU team and Smollan L&D team for designing such a wonderfully continuous learning program, it acted like small and effective doses to look for what next...and what more coming once way to improve. Case studies chosen were all relevant for my Global Development Team & I could not ask for more. Let’s plan for some monthly 1 hour on premise confluence sessions. Thanks once again.
    Vijay Varshney
    Head of Technology - MESA | SMOLLAN