Microlearning Solutions

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” -Pablo Picasso

FocusU’s microlearning solutions for corporate learning helps bring personalized, device-friendly, engaging learning and engagement content right to the cell phones of employees.

Being bite-sized modules, employees can not only access it in the flow of work, but also retain the information for a longer period of time. Leverage our expertise in microlearning platforms in a wide variety of use cases ranging from employee induction to learning reinforcement.

Why should L&D teams embrace Microlearning?

How We Do It


Why you should try one:

• Content that is tried and tested in our workshops
• Ready, set go! Very little set up and implementation time
• Delivered on the mobiles of every employee!
• Self-paced learning (1-6 months) in bite sized modules
• Maximum ROI for your learning budget

A snapshot of our Microlearning offerings:

  • Vishal More
    The Learning challenge was very informative and challenging. The thing which I love about this challenge is that it provides videos also that make it easy to understand the concept.
    Vishal More
  • Vinod Unni
    The entire set of topics had a good coverage on the day to day activities in a corporate life. It was fun to solve the challenges and a good learning experience. Thank you 😊
    Vinod Unni
  • Ketki Desai
    It forced me to learn and grow in spite of dealing with my busy schedule of juggling between work and a new-born back at home... you not only helped me understand new concept in merely 15 mins span to 30 mins., but also challenged me to think through different issues I feel, I should deal with. I should get them sorted mentally in my mind first than in real life... Thank you for helping me GROW my knowledge...
    Ketki Desai
    Area Asst. - West Region | SMOLLAN
  • Thank you FocusU team and Smollan L&D team for designing such a wonderfully continuous learning program, it acted like small and effective doses to look for what next...and what more coming once way to improve. Case studies chosen were all relevant for my Global Development Team & I could not ask for more. Let’s plan for some monthly 1 hour on premise confluence sessions. Thanks once again.
    Vijay Varshney
    Head of Technology - MESA | SMOLLAN

Microlearning: All Your Queries Answered

1How long are these Microlearning sessions?
While an entire Microlearning Module can be around 30 to 40 minutes, it is broken down into 4-5 sessions which are bite sized and can be consumed in 10 to 15 minutes . These sessions are delivered through an app on the phone of the learner. Hence the learner can access these sessions anytime and anywhere. Each of these sessions have a variety of learning actions such as reading, watching a video, reflections and applications. The sessions are designed for engagement and impact.
2Do you have some off - the shelf programs?
Yes, we do have off the shelf programs on a broad range of topics. They are listed below this section.
3How much do your programs cost?
One of the compelling reasons why organizations are adopting microlearning, other than their effectiveness is the ROI it delivers. Pricing for each of the modules is as less as INR 2500 per person for a six months access. In case microlearning is bundled as a part of a learning journey (which are a series of different workshops run for a single cohort) the prices work out even better.
4Can you customize the content for us? How much would that cost?
Yes, we can customize content based on your specific requirement. We would obviously scope the amount of work before commenting on the pricing – but rest assured it is very nominal. One of the things we have done is to help communicate values and competencies in a most engaging way using microlearning. Do reach out to us for a deeper discussion.
5It’s very difficult to keep learners engaged on online modules. How do you ensure engagement?
You are right! Ensuring learner engagement on online modules is a science. We have learnt this over the years through our many engagements with clients. Here are a few things that work:
Design of the Content:Easy, interactive and application-oriented content which keeps the learners engaged and reduces cognitive load that can cause disengagement.
Learner Onboarding: We recommend that the learners are onboarded onto the platform before they begin their journey. There is a higher chance of engagement if the purpose and objectives are clarified at the beginning.
Regular Dashboards & Encouragement: We share regular dashboards, email and app notifications which can nudge the learner towards completion.
Leader modelling the way: We encourage the leader to model the way by engaging with the content and sharing insights with the team. This goes a long way in engaging the learners.
Language that is appropriate: We relate to content that we find easy to digest. If it looks or sounds like a research report, most people shy away from engagement. Luckily, the opposite is also true.
6We already have an LMS, can the content be integrated onto the platform? Is there a cost?
Our application supports integration with most LMSs in the market. However, technical integration can incur certain costs and it depends on the LMS you have and the level of integration required. We would urge you to experience our Microlearning application. Also, we would be happy to curate microlearning content for you on your LMS. Do reach out to us for a deeper discussion.
7Can we use our LMS for Microlearning?
Yes! We would be happy to curate microlearning content for you on your LMS. Do reach out to us for a deeper discussion.
8Do you have some Microlearning Videos?
We do use videos as one format of Microlearning. However, for a complete experience, we leverage multiple types of learning actions such as reading, reflection, social learning, applications. This ensures that the learner’s whole being is involved in the process.
9I am not very sure – can microlearning be impactful?
Yes – that is our priority! We use instructional design principles to ensure impact. The content builds on the learner’s experiences, reflections and work contexts to deliver impact. You should try it!
10How do you measure the impact of the Microlearning Programs?
We can measure the impact on learning through:
• Pre and Post assessments
• Learners engagement and completion rates, captured on the app itself.
• Assessment Scores captured on the app
• Quality of study and application examples, captured on the app.
11Can we get a sample link?
Absolutely! We can help you by taking you through a live demo. And also share a module for hands on experience. You can also ask some of your friends and fellow learners to experience the same and give you feedback. Do reach out to us for a demo and free sample content.
12Have you done this for other clients whom we can talk to?
Yes, of course. We have curated microlearning content for other clients who will gladly speak to you about their own experiences. We have received feedback in the form of testimonials as well which is available on our website. You can read about the SMOLLAN Case Study here.
13I still have a few unanswered questions!
The more the questions, the more the clarity you finally have. Isn’t it? Please pick up your phone and feel free to call us at +91-8882337788 or write to us at hello@focusu.com. We will get back to you pronto!

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