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The Team CSI Challenge

It’s a full-blown crisis at CSI Headquarters! ACP Paddy’s rich experience, SI Ajeet’s sharp insights and even Dr.Salon Kay’s brilliant forensic analysis have all come to naught! Which is where, you & your elite detective team comes in!

Inspired by the reel namesake version of the immensely popular Indian TV serial, C.I.D – FocusU brings you an extremely engaging, surreal experience of solving a murder-mystery through its own proven experiential methodology.

Avail Program Through

When run in the physical mode: Imagine being in the middle of a ‘crime-scene’ –physically dusting off the area for possible fingerprints, interrogating evasive witnesses, profiling the victim & suspects, studying the minutest details of a forensic report –all this, and much more detective-work in order to solve the ‘crime’ under real-time deadlines in a highly competitive environment.

While run in the virtual mode: The challenge while doing this virtually, is no lesser. Teams still need to do most of the challenges, but everything virtually and within an app. There are crime scene walk throughs, 360 degree views of the crime scene to examine, the case details …. Every step ahead in the investigation needs thought and deduction. A situation that definitely calls for lot of collaboration and team interaction to crack!

A few key parameters:

2 – 3 hours

Time Limit

Physical or Virtual

Where this can be run

Upto 40

Group sizes

Debrief can be customised


Is this workshop right for my team?

Team CSI setup as an indoor activity or a virtual activity – ideal for middle and senior management teams. This experience comes highly recommended if your key objective is to engage participants in an intense challenge that:
• Encourages teamwork.
• Calls for the critical thinking abilities of your participants.
Call us today – to experience first-hand a high-octane thrilling adventure that seeks to bring out the “professional” detective in you and your team!


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