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Build on your unique strengths, interests and passions and inspire change by working on organizational challenges & learning journeys!

FocusU is an exceptional place to launch or sustain a rewarding career in the domains of Learning & Facilitation. The range of workshops that we offer to our clients, calls for our team to be very learning agile, voracious readers, open to new outcomes & possibilities and passionately driven to create an impact for our customers. We are always looking for kindred souls. Read on to know if this feels like a place for you.

We're looking for people who believe in

Slide CARE People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care
Theodore Roosevelt
Slide HUMILITY It is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less
Doug Clay
Slide OWNERSHIP Extreme Ownership is a mindset, an attitude.
Jocko Willink
Slide PASSION Pursue Excellence and Success will follow
Rancho (From 3 Idiots)
Slide SAFETY Be safe like a comfortable pair of old shoes. Be safe like family
Old FocusU Saying

FocusU Life

Moments we cherish

Festival time is Hygge time Doing a venue recce – grounds us Our Equipment are also a part of the team! Always looking for excuses to celebrate Travel – a big part of our lives Yeaah… festival time again! Nothing energizes us like workshops do! Setting up a city race ,
brings out the smiles in us
Nothing energizes us like workshops do!


1Senior Instructional Designer – 3 openings
The Senior ID’s role will play a critical role in creating engaging learning activities and compelling behavioral course content keeping in mind FocusU’s learning philosophy and business objective. In this role, the ID will liaise with different stakeholders while applying tested instructional design theories, practice, and methods to create stellar learning experience for the FocusU learners.

In this role the incumbent will be responsible for the following:
• Writing content from scratch and/or re-writing / analyzing researched or existing internal content using various criteria to create rich and relevant virtual / digital learning courses
• Comprehending, visualizing, and executing course specific learning flow through coherent storyboarding / session outline
• Collaborating with subject matter experts / team of freelancers / internal stakeholders to produce creative learning content using storytelling skills, adult learning principles, instructional design theories and models
• Utilizing / adding relevant learning elements such as storytelling, animation, interactivity, etc. while designing course content / curriculum post a proper need diagnosis and in consultation with the product development team
• Developing / curating course specific collaterals meeting requisite quality standards and agreed specifications
• Reviewing developed assets, such as storyboards / static mocks / courses / videos / animations / interactives, etc., for quality & IP / Plagiarism
• Creating and following project guidelines, style (& branding) guidelines, and processes
• Proactively collaborating with all relevant stakeholders (internal and external) on project tasks to ensure on time task completion

Experience / Skills / Qualifications:

• Postgraduate with 5-6 years of proven Instructional Design experience in the L & D industry
• Visual design skills and ability to storyboard for video, animation, and interactive output
• Ability to write effective instructional text, audio scripts/video scripts
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Exposure to ID models like ADDIE, Agile ADDIE, Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation, Andragogy, etc.
• Experience in LMS Management and administration including maintenance of SCORM compliant courses
• ID Certification from any reputed institution will be a plus
• Strong project management skills
• Ability to work with agility and open to feedback and iterations
• Proficient in English language
• Creative writing & loads of Patience :)

Pls submit your updated CV and a few of your work samples to [email protected]
2Co-Facilitator: Currently Closed
The puppeteer who controls every FocusU workshop. While the Facilitator is the face of the workshop for clients, it is actually the co-facilitators who create the magic behind the scenes to ensure a magical FocusU experience. Read more details and apply by clicking here.
3Facilitator: Currently Closed
The orchestrator of a FocusU workshop. He is the face of the workshop to the client since he leads the workshop delivery. But to be successful as a FocusU Facilitator calls for much more than these apparent aspects. Read more details and apply by clicking here.