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Why Consistency Matters In Service Delivery?

A lot of times it is hard to decide who is a better fighter, the one who can hit really hard one time or the one who can hit again and again faster. It’s an age – old debate about Magnitude vs. Frequency. But the answer becomes quite evident if we dig deeper into the Discipline of Martial Arts. It’s the quest for a right balance between the two.

reset button

One of the many things Martial Art teaches us about the fighting technique is that, one should always strike and immediately after – should resume back to a position to strike again or counter an attack. And that is why a world-class champion is the one who is able to strike a perfect balance between power and “reset speed” to strike again and again.

However, it is easier said than done. It takes years of experience and practice for a fighter to maximize the power with a very high “reset speed”.

time to reset

On similar lines when we see a Service Industry, its success can be easily be measured by its efficiency to provide “Excellent” service “Continuously”.

We see new restaurants coming up every day, promising the best of food and service. Most of them that close down in a few months, however – have not been able to provide the same good quality service that they promised or provided during the initial days. Why is that? Because it is not so easy to give consistently high service day after day, for years on end!

Most such endeavours, usually start off driven by a lot of entrepreneurial Passion. The most common mistake that happens here though is: It is very individual or person dependent. There is often not enough thought or time spent on answering the question, “How do we make this replicable – again & again?” Zooming out, to an individual level – lets get back into the same restaurant example and take a look at the kitchen. A chef will only be called an “excellent and efficient chef” only when he is able to cook a delicious dish while simultaneously maintaining the cleanliness of the place.  And yes, he needs to quickly be ready for the next order too!

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If we are in the service industry then, as an individual we need to ask two questions here:

  • Am I providing an excellent service?
  • Am I ready to be able to “reset” to provide the same excellence “again” and “again” and yet “again”?

One legendary example of a world-class service system is McDonalds. Next time you are there – watch the boys at the counter closely. They serve you in 2-3mins and then, the reset button is apparently pressed again – there they are: ready with a bright smile, to serve the next person behind you – once again. No wonder then, that Mc.Donald’s is what it is today – a super successful business!

Walt Disney put it very nicely, when he said – “Snow White cannot have an off day!”. A pointer to all of us offering any kind of service that, each day we need to press our reset buttons and present our best selves to our customers. We owe them that for the privilege of having the opportunity to serve them!

At FocusU, what drives all of us – are the incredible testimonials that we get from all our customers. We live for that. However, we are acutely aware that with the increasing amount of work coming our way, also comes the responsibility of having to reset ourselves quickly, to present our best selves – all over again.

Do you relate to this stream of thoughts? Do share and let us know.

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