HiPO Engagement

The HiPo program is not just another training and development initiative. It is clearly an opportunity for the organization to recognize, groom and nurture the best talent in the organization. Needless to say, viewing this as a “one-off event” can be a very costly mistake.

HiPo engagement has to be crafted as an ongoing “learning journey” that happens all across the year or more. For the L&D department designing such an intervention, a few challenges to consider would be:

⦁ How do we keep them constantly engaged and challenged?
⦁ They thrive in a fast paced and supportive environment. How do we make learning fun and relevant?
⦁ How do we give them a sense of importance without overtly stating it?

At FocusU, we have been privileged to be a part of many such journeys with the brightest people in many organizations. Considering the wide charter of such an engagement however, we play perhaps just the role of a catalyst in such engagements – working hand in hand with HR Business Partners who essentially hold the baton.

An important tool, we have come to realize – in all such engagements is microlearning.

Think of it like the almost invisible strings that hold kites as they soar above euphorically. Without the strings, the kites would be lost. With them, they gain direction and confidence in their journey above. Through gentle nudges and real time dashboards, akin to the gentle tugs that a kite flyer delivers, you can ensure that no – one is slipping through and everyone is engaged.

Here are some of the ways you could leverage microlearning with high potential employees:

⦁ Personalized and seamless learning experiences complementing other modes of blended learning
⦁ Ability for the learners to learn anytime anywhere through their mobiles, without impacting their productivity
⦁ Learning from the experiences of each other through collaboration and social learning.
⦁ Transforming key workshop concepts to tangible actions at the workplace. Making learning to never seem irrelevant.
⦁ Using fun activities to keep them engaged in the learning process.
⦁ Allowing them to discuss and debate topics critical to the organization.
⦁ Running live challenges to stimulate their minds.

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  • "I take this opportunity to appreciate you all, for the focussed approach, detailing carried out and excellence in delivery which has helped us build, the initiative of managing our high performing employees, to a new level. It is a difficult task to design an intervention for levels from an officer to an Associate General Manager, that too from varied backgrounds and locations. Your team's commitment, dedication and effective partnering with us in terms of understanding the organisational values & the desired outcome - have set unparalleled benchmarks as every batch passed by. Thank you so much for your efforts.

    It's really commendable to see how you all organize your efforts and inspired our team members to orient, channelize, present and pioneer. You were all truly amazing and demonstrated extra ordinary skills in all your activities, presentations and involvement. The way you gave tips with fun directly went to the participating employees mind and heart. In fact the last gathering of From Spark to Sparkling Reality - Coming Together and Making a Difference was a soul stirring experience for the participants. You truly uplifted the spirit of participants, and they were very energetic, enthusiastic and positively charged with a new perspective while leaving the venue. I am confident that these positive seeds will germinate and be nurtured to grow in coming times. Do keep up with your outstanding contribution and performance. Wish you all the best for your future endeavours."
    Shrikant Lonikar
    Head HR, Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd

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