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Sharpen Your Business Acumen

Business leaders require a diverse skill set to overcome workplace challenges and drive growth. Equip your team with the essential tools and skills through Business Acumen Training.

Business Impact

Ideally Suitable For

  • First-time Managers
  • Middle Managers
  • Senior Leaders

The delivery will be customised as per the needs of the learning cohort.

What you will learn in Sharpen Your Business Acumen

How is this activity available?

Online Business Simulation (OBS)

Online Business Simulation (OBS)

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Available in -

  • Online Business Simulation (OBS) Online Business Simulation (OBS)
  • fun challenges Duration: 90-120 minutes
  • Duration of 3 hours case study
  • 25+ fun challengesIdeal for: 20-30 participants at a time
  • 1 simulation
  • Fundamentals of business acumen
  • Understand business models and ways to create a model that offers value
  • Analyze financial statements to understand an organization’s financial health
  • Develop business strategies that give an organization a competitive edge

This course will help you:

  • Develop analytical skills that are critical for strategic decision making
  • Improve their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Enhance their skills in balancing risk and return
  • Understand how to work with different stakeholders with conflicting priorities
  • Develop conflict resolution strategies

The Sharpen Your Business Acumen course will cover:

  • Breaking down the key stages in Critical Thinking for Decision Making (CTDM)
  • Understanding the various aspects involved in critically analyzing a situation and taking decisions
  • Awareness about risk appetites and biases that influence decision making

Frequently asked questions

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On each topic page, you will see icons on the right that clarify this. This is how you decode them:

  • ILT (Instructor-led Training) - ILT (Instructor-led Training)
  • VILT (Virtual Instructor-led Training) - VILT (Virtual Instructor-led Training)
  • OBS (Online Business Simulation) - OBS (Online Business Simulation)
  • ML (Microlearning) - ML (Microlearning)
  • MC (Masterclass) - MC (Masterclass)
  • SDP (Storified Digital Products Asynchronous) - SDP (Storified Digital Products - Asynchronous)
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) - DIY (Do It Yourself)

The simulation addresses generic challenges encountered at the workplace. The customisation to the specific cohort as per their industry / company situation is done by the Facilitator running the session.

You can download a program overview from each of the topic pages. Do note that while this will give you a broad structure of the workshop, our learning designers will still need to talk with you to customize the workshop to your context.

For each workshop, we can help you with a set of 3 different teasers that you can customize and share periodically with participants to build excitement and get traction.

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  •  compnany logo

    LEADING FOR SUCCESS" – One other brilliant session. Thanks a ton to CGI for creating a platform to explore. I thoroughly enjoyed the two day session! And I would like to share my experience with all of you who are keen

    CGI Senior Software Engineer
  •  compnany logo

    We were all super impressed by the team, they were very well prepared and absolutely took charge of everything they did. What a fun bunch, I'm glad we partnered on this and can safely say it all went very well. Huge THANK YOU to you and the team on the ground!

    Farheen Mehdi
    Uber Global Learning & Development Lead
  •  compnany logo

    I am writing this as an extremely satisfied and delighted customer. Ours is a very young team. Many of our team members joined us directly from campus over the last five years. We also have a multi-disciplinary engineering team. Our challenge was to get the entire team working together as one, demonstrating a high degree of ownership. For this, we needed a program that was highly engaging and fun.

    RamG Vallath
    Zentron Labs Vision Catalyst
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    I thoroughly enjoyed the two day MBTI® session! The overall objective was to get insights on introspection - to enable us to handle our team, work culture and environment, according to the situation. It's like reading yourself through the mirror! If applied on a daily basis, we are able to build trust and confidence, to communicate, discover opportunities, and handle constructive conflicts.

    CGI Senior Software Engineer
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    Thank you FocusU and Smollan L&D team for designing such a wonderful continuous learning program. It acted like small and effective doses to look for what next. Case studies chosen were all relevant for my Global Development Team & I could not ask for more. Let’s plan for some monthly 1 hour on premise confluence sessions.

    Vijay Varshney
    SMOLLAN Head of Technology - MESA
  •  compnany logo

    The Learning challenge was very informative and challenging. The thing which I love about this challenge is that it provides videos also that make it easy to understand the concept.

    Vishal More