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Aligning Different Perspectives

Teamwork seems like the most natural thing to most people – and yet, it is something that needs deliberate effort and intent to make it happen. How can a leader get everyone in their team aligned towards the same goals and priorities?

Business Impact

Ideally Suitable For

  • Middle Managers
  • Senior-level Managers

The delivery will be customised as per the needs of the learning cohort.

What you will learn in Aligning Different Perspectives

How is this activity available?

Instructor-led Training (ILT)

Instructor-led Training (ILT)

Lego Serious Play (LSP)

Lego Serious Play (LSP)

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Available in -

  • Instructor-led Training (ILT) Instructor-led Training (ILT)
  • Lego Serious Play (LSP) Lego Serious Play (LSP)
This course includes:
  • Customised modules

The course will help you as a professional to:

  • Make better decisions by incorporating diverse viewpoints, reducing the risk of overlooking important factors.
  • Foster a creative environment as unique ideas and solutions are welcomed, helping drive innovation within the company.
  • Build a more engaged and motivated team, who feel their perspectives are valued
  • Tackle complex challenges more effectively by leveraging a broader range of skills and experiences.
  • Build a more cohesive and aligned team

Each such workshop is customised to the issues and challenges of the specific team. The broad structure these workshops follow is:

  • Getting familiar with the Lego Serious Play methodology
  • Defining the current state
  • Describing the aspirational state
  • Understanding the gap to be bridged
  • Arriving at simple guiding principles to solve the problem

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All material needed for the execution of the workshop will be arranged by FocusU.

Every single workshop (except the asynchronous self-paced modules) is customized to the precise customer need and brief. Our client advisory team will work closely with you to understand your context and pass it on to the execution team.

For each workshop, we can help you with three different teasers you can customize and share periodically with participants to build excitement and get traction.

You can download a program overview from each of the topic pages. Do note that while this will give you a broad structure of the workshop, our learning designers will still need to talk with you to customize the workshop to your context.

Several topics are available in virtual as well as in-person modes. On each topic page, you will see icons on the right to clarify the modes. This is how you decode the icons:

  • ILT (Instructor led training) - ILT (Instructor led training)
  • VILT (Virtual instructor led training) - VILT (Virtual instructor led training)
  • OBS (Online business simulation) - OBS (Online business simulation)
  • ML (Microlearning) - ML (Microlearning)
  • MC (Masterclass) - MC (Masterclass)
  • SDP (Storified Digital Products asynchronous) - SDP (Storified Digital Products - asynchronous)
  • DIY (Do it yourself) - DIY (Do it yourself)

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    The item that took this class from a social learning experience to tangible training was the quantitative tools that were presented. These will allow me to focus my decisions in a manner that is justifiable and defensible. Any decision maker that might be called on the carpet needs this training to defend themselves and their decisions in a quantifiable manner.

    Keith L. Perrin
    Intel Corporation, USA SW Engineering Manager
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    This holistic approach offers a new decision-making framework that managers in a variety of enterprises, cultures, and countries are using to help ensure that the decisions they take are economically, socially, and environmentally sound. I recommend this course for both functional and technical leaders.

    Cory L. Smith
    American Express
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    Thank you for the wonderful experience you gave us during those two days. We see positive changes in the team after that. Last week, we picked up those “Glad, Mad and Wish we had” chits generated in the offsite and called everyone together. We discussed all those things and tried sorting a few things as you suggested. The team was so happy and cheerful seeing us listening to them.

    Kiran Mittal
    Reed Manch Exhibitions Deputy MD
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    Our brief to FocusU was that with the large number of changes in the Regional Leadership Team, we need to get to know each other and build trust. Being a cross-functional team with diverse people – in age, backgrounds, experiences and geographically-dispersed – this was crucial. They understood this and customized a workshop which was fun and met all our objectives.

    Tanvi Shah
    HUL Branch HR Manager – South
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    The Leadership workshop helped all of us to take a step back and analyse ourselves on the kind of leadership traits we have and that we don’t have. How we could all become better leaders and help others grow along with us.

    Anuj Mathur
    Reed Manch Exhibitions Managing Director