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Influencing through Stories

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.” – Ira Glass

The idea that Storytelling can be used in the corporate context to influence, excite, motivate or get backing for, is by now an accepted paradigm. In an era where we send more than a billion tweets a week, read around 10MB of data a day, hear 400MB of content a day and see 1MB of information every second, story telling has emerged as one way to beat the clutter!

Today smart leaders are adopting storytelling to create an impact in various scenarios:

• To motivate others to ignite action and implement new ideas
• To build trust by communicating who they are
• To build their brands in a world of information overload
• To transmit organizational values
• To get individuals and teams to work collaboratively
• To share knowledge and transmit understanding
• To tame the grapevine by neutralizing gossip and rumour
• To lead people into the future by creating and sharing their vision

Isn’t it time you explored this powerful tool yourself?

We would love to re-introduce you to Storytelling in the context of organizational life! We say “re-introduce” because Storytelling is an activity that comes so naturally to all of us – just watch what happens at any social setting – a restaurant, coffee house or a party. It is so pervasive that it is almost invisible. And yet, if we are asked to do the same in a formal corporate setting, we are lost for words and ideas!

At FocusU we do believe that learning to tell stories that can influence others in the organizational context is less a task of learning something new and more one of reminding ourselves of something we already know.

However as much as it is an art, there is also an underlying science to storytelling. Different narrative patterns are useful for different purposes of leadership. Knowing which pattern is suitable for which task is a key to the effective use of storytelling. Ignorance of the different narrative patterns make it likely that aspiring leaders will stumble onto an inappropriate narrative pattern for the task at hand and fail to attain their chosen goal.

The workshop which also leverages the latest insights from Design Thinking, brings to life the whole science and art of storytelling through practical exercises and collaboration between workshop participants.

Through the Influencing through Stories workshop, you will

• Learn to express your ideas clearly, visually, and emotionally
• Determine the big idea (or key takeaway) of your story
• Prototype and practice your story by testing out your ideas
• Gather feedback as you refine your narrative
• Tell stories your audience wants to hear and take people on an emotional journey
• Craft your own story or presentation
• Create impact through your story

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Is this workshop right for my Leadership team?

Storytelling can be learnt by anyone who wants to lead, regardless of the position they are in – CxO, Middle management or front lines of an organization. The right story said at the right time can be hugely impactful. The workshop teaches the basics of storytelling for creating influence in an engaging and easily learnable format. However storytelling is a performance art that needs a lot of practice before one achieves mastery. In that sense, this workshop acts as a catalyst in that journey towards achieving mastery.

If you are looking at sparking a new and effective way in which leaders at different levels in your organization can communicate, FocusU invites you to explore The Influencing through Stories workshop!

Contact Us today – we will be glad to meet up and discuss the possibilities for your team!


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