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Presenting with IMPACT

You can Have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across,
your ideas won’t get you anywhere

-Lee Iacocca

What do you do when you are in front of an audience to present something?
• Do you Present a PPT Slide deck?
• Or do you tell an impactful, compelling story that moves people to action?

Regardless of which function you manage within a corporate – the ability to Present in an impactful manner is a gamechanger for crafting successful careers. Yet, as many surveys have thrown up ominously: The fear of speaking in public is at the top of the list when it comes to human fears. It is even greater than the fear of dying! But the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson give hope to one and all. And yes – there are always the masters of this skill to look up to and learn from.

Presenting with IMPACT is a workshop that has evolved from our own fascination and study of this art and science, that is of quintessential importance to us as workshop Facilitators. Putting together our own experiences of standing in front of audiences almost every day – FocusU attempts to demystify this invaluable skill by diving into the science behind the art.

The workshop deconstructs some of the science in easy to learn bytes, like:
• The 4D’s of making Presentations
• The Alchemy between state of the Art and state of the Heart
• The balance of robust structure, engaging narrative, powerful imagery & a clear objective

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The key take-aways that the workshop targets to achieve with participants are:
• A deep level of awareness of individual strengths and maximizing them to develop a unique, successful style
• Enhancing personal credibility & connecting with increased confidence
• Presenting data in a meaningful manner
• Incorporating storytelling techniques while presenting
• Improving the ability to inspire action

If you are looking at arming your teams with this critical skillset – FocusU invites you to explore the Presenting with IMPACT workshop! It takes work, planning and creativity, but if someone is willing to listen to your ideas it’s worth the effort to make it great.

They say you need to “Choose your battle wisely”. This one is certainly one to take up and conquer for every member in your team.

Contact Us today – we will be glad to meet up and discuss the possibilities for your team!


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