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Doing More With Less

“It is much more than cutting costs or cutting corners!”

Almost every company we know of is exhorting its employees to “Do More With Less.”

We live in an era of increasing competition. What we could take for granted some years back, now must be earned. The previous recession has taught all of us an important lesson – to practice austerity as a way of doing business, to stay nimble. However changing habits of businesses and people in it is easier said than done. Most organizations make the mistake of assuming that doing more with less means cost cutting. That may be one of the tools, but it is definitely not the primary area which will deliver the results. And yes, it definitely does not mean cutting corners. A much bigger, but less appreciated source of productivity and doing more with less is identifying “Fake Work” and relentlessly getting behind eliminating it.

Fake work is work that is well intended but not explicitly aligned with the strategies and goals of the organization. People who engage in fake work just don’t notice that what they’re doing is not producing intended outcomes. They’re often very busy. But they mistake activity for results. Just think of how much of time is lost in inefficient meetings for instance. And working hard is not a barometer, because you can work very hard and still be building a road to nowhere.

Doing more with less requires strategic sorting of priorities. When everything is a priority, nothing is a real priority. One of the most useful ways to sort priorities is to launch a relentless search for fake work. The challenge though is that Fake work is invisible because it often masquerades as real work.

The paradigm that we get participants to explore in this workshop is that of looking at the 4 key areas of their own attitudes, how they view the people in their team, how they view their customers and how they approach their strategy – all with a view of being able to do more with existing resources.

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The need to do more with less is universal and industry agnostic. Virtually everyone, everywhere is being given that challenge. And it is likely that it will be an ongoing mantra far into the future.

Posed with the challenge, the way most people and organizations approach it is by either cutting costs or by cutting corners. What if we can teach our teams a much better way to achieve the same? What would that mean for your team productivity?

The workshop is an insightful and engaging journey for participants as they discover that sometimes it only takes “fresh eyes” to look at their daily work – and achieve significant improvements in productivity. Learning the art of doing more with less should be a “must-do” task for everyone in your team!

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