The Wine Tasting Challenge

Wine is bottled poetry - Robert Louis Stevenson

Wine for long has been considered the drink of the gods. Unfortunately, there is a lot of mystique and confusion about the drink - most of which is to do with limited awareness.

FocusU brings together a friendly, entertaining and enjoyable wine tasting challenge that is right for just about any corporate team - the only qualifying criteria being an interest & curiosity about wines and everything vinous.

Unlike any other drink, a glass of wine engages all of one's senses:

• The appearance (color, aspect, the swirl)
• The aroma in-glass of the wine
• The taste it offers in mouth and the sensation it creates
• And finally the aftertaste

This innate richness of the drink brings together a delightful possibility of merging a gastronomic experience with a team building experience like no other. Ideally suited for smaller teams of around 25 people, we recommend The Wine Tasting Challenge generally as an ideal evening event, done just before dinner.

How it flows:

As guests arrive, sparkling wine is served to welcome everybody. We do like to recommend some nibbles at this stage as guests may not have eaten for a while. A FocusU Facilitator, who is also a wine Sommelier, then welcomes everybody to the evening and instantly puts guests at ease.

The Facilitator starts the program with a brief history of wine, followed by a tasting sessions that incorporates the various facets that go on to give each wine a distinct personality.

A selection of 4 red and 4 white wines are presented for tasting. The Facilitator also guides the teams about which wine goes with which kind of food - and why. Each team is then challenged with multiple choice questions - help is available, but nothing comes easy. The teams need to successfully negotiate some interesting challenges to win the "help" they need.

Depending on the time available, teams are also challenged to come up with memorable marketing campaigns for the wines they draw, that is not only great fun for all - but also helps anchor the learning about the different wines.

Through an immersive experience peppered with light banter, laugher & some amusing challenges, the Sommelier ensures that all participants have thoroughly enjoyed a sampling of all the wines and learn something about each as they have gone along.

The FocusU Wine Tasting Challenge is both fun and participative. The team building event encourages creativity, cooperation, experimentation, and team collaboration in a whole new, unique way.

If you are looking out for an unique way to engage your team in the evening, do try out The Wine Tasting Challenge from FocusU today!


Download The Wine Tasting Challenge One Pager