The Xtreme Challenge !

This one is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Around 250kms up Delhi, lies the tranquil, spiritual land of Rishikesh. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India, it is known as The Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas. Beyond the veil of tranquillity though, Rishikesh is gradually earning the reputation of being an "Adventure hotspot" in India.

River Rafting
Outback Challenge

Let us tell you the story of one such team, for whom we put together a seamless experience - woven around the bountiful offerings of this place.

We were approached by an MNC that wanted to put one of its intact teams of 24 people through an experience that they hoped would teach them team work and the power of pushing their own limits. The belief being that the team could possibly achieve much more, if only they pushed themselves.

The challenge for us as FocusU, was to put together a seamless medley of different activities, woven together to create an experience that bought out this learning for the team, in a safe and fun environment.

The workshop we created for this team, was hence aptly staged in Rishikesh. The workshop was put together around two challenges that often make people gasp in disbelief - White Water Rafting & Bungee Jumping.

Gushing forth from the glaciers of Gangotri, the Ganges is very much in her glorious teenage years by the time she enters Rishikesh - she's playful, she's passionate and her colourful antics come alive in the roaring white water rapids that you encounter here. While there are a plethora of operators who now run this sport, we partner with by far the most professional folks there, Aquaterra. White Water rafting is a truly "immersive" (pun intended) team experience - that brings forth many a learning for teams that make the effort to read between the lines!

Late evenings in Rishikesh have just the right amount of chill to draw out people around the warmth of a glowing bonfire. If the flames were to speak - they would reveal the tales of many a hidden talent that were often discovered around their warm embers! Teams often under-estimate the power of huddling around a fire and swapping stories.

The next day brought forward the other big challenge for the team - Bungee Jumping!.... a sport that we have seen leave many a macho man, weak kneed! Hundreds of years ago the people of Vanuatu in the Pacific, tied their feet to the vines of the trees and threw themselves off the tower to the softened earth to attain the status of manhood. With no such pressure now, the FocusU team often has to handle a possible exodus. Screams of "No, I cannot do it", "I will not do it" - gradually make way to, "God knows why I am doing this!".... until, each and every person in the team is convinced to Jump! At FocusU we appreciate the dangers associated with this sport, which is why we work only with the best in the business - Jumpin Heights, who have well qualified instructors & an impeccable safety record.

When people are coaxed into doing activities which they initially deem, "Impossible" - the euphoria is often to be seen to be believed. A sharing session that followed had people revealing their own surprise - and the learning that they had arrived upon, all on their own. A young man summed it up quite nicely, with a quote from Richard Bach "Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them!"

The return journey in the luxury bus was punctuated with laughter, recalling of fears - and of course, Dumb Charades & Antakshari!

What was this workshop all about we ponder - was it about just two activities? Not really. Hundreds of groups go to Rishikesh every year and do these two activities. Does that make them a better team – better bonded, more cohesive? Of course not. What turns these activities into an "experience" is when they are woven together in a seamless manner, with strands of laughter, engaging conversations, a safe environment, camaraderie, dance & music, silly giggles and a lot of chatter! This is what we are good at in FocusU.

Contact us today - we would love to put together a bespoke experience like this for your team too!


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