The Survival Challenge

Where nature conspires!

What does it take to traverse a foot cable with the use of dangling ropes 20 feet above the ground? What crosses your mind when you have to let go of your fears and swing across a swaying cable that looks precariously poised to send you hurtling across a gurgling stream below? How much can you and your team push yourself physically?

The Survival Challenge - brought to you by FocusU - is an opportunity for you and your team to challenge yourself and master your fears. An array of adrenaline pumping adventurous activities like flying fox, rope balancing, river crossing, loop bridge and many more will test your endurance and attempt to put you at the brim of thrill and nerve twitching fun.

Survival Challenge
The Survival Challenge Activity

Most of these activities teach balance, coordination, concentration along with rendering a great sense of confidence, positive view of self, and leaping beyond the barriers of perceived limits. The degree of difficulty (mental, physical, and emotional) found within the activities is dependent upon the level at which each person & team challenges themselves.

But the most important lesson that The Survival Challenge teaches is that - when the heat is on, the group that coalesces as a team is the one to conquer challenges the fastest and most successfully. Also precious lessons like taking everyone in the team along & different members of a team bringing in different strengths to overcome challenges, bubble up to the surface without much prodding by the Facilitators.

Where can The Survival Challenge be held?

This is one challenge that requires the team to travel offsite. Typically this is a challenge run over two days - however we can customise it to fit your needs. We have tied up with a few select locations that provide the best of service, experiences and facilities - to put together this challenge for your team. As of now - this is an offering that is available only ex-Delhi.

Not sure about the level of difficulty your team can take?

Very often we hear from customers who are keen to take this challenge - but are not sure about the level of difficulty to peg it at. Don't worry. We understand that the key objective for you to be taking this challenge for your team, is neither to get all of them enrolled into the Army nor to end up with bruised & exhausted folks.

While The Survival Challenge has a component that requires physical fitness in the outdoors, our experienced Facilitators will peg the level of difficulty according to the actual situation on the ground. Further, we mix it with a healthy dose of fun and team sharing over other experiential activities, music and bonfires - to create one memorable event for your team!

Is your team ready for The Survival Challenge?

  • "On behalf of GET Team PepsiCo, I would like to thank and congratulate the FocusU team, for organizing a perfect outbound for us at Jim Corbett. To put it in a few words, ‘saying we had a blast’ would be an understatement. The team exercises were a beautiful combination of fun and learning. Probably the best way for colleagues to know each other in a short span of time. Innovative games and energizers which never got dull and kept everyone interested and energized at all times. The time flew away too fast , look forward to more trips with the FocusU Team. Cheers."

    Himanshu Batra, GET

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