The Super Car Challenge

The fight for racing supremacy!

Inspired by the speeds, thrills and amazing teamwork of the crews in F1 Racing - FocusU brings a whole new challenge for your team - The Super Car Challenge!

The Supercar Challenge is a competitive team building event that gets the entire group involved to design and build model cars to race against one another.

But nothing comes easy in a challenge as exciting and competitive as this. To design and build the car, each team works through a series of challenges that helps them win various material needed to put together a working model of a Supercar!

The Super Car Challenge

It needs team discipline, coordination and planning to complete this challenging task. Teams must assign different roles to different team members - to be able to crack this challenge.

After the Building phase comes the high adrenaline Racing Phase, where teams need to race their cars using a remote handling device on a F1 circuit made on the floor of the conference hall or outdoors. The energy in the air during this phase crackles with the intensity and competition amidst the teams.

With teams vying for points on various parameters - including design, team work, timelines and racing position - this is one challenge that gets every single member in a team actively engaged and in a frenzy!

Is The Supercar Challenge right for my team?
The Supercar Challenge can be conducted for even very large teams quite easily. All we need is enough indoor space for the teams to work and race!

The Supercar Challenge is a very good lens to see natural leaders evolving in teams. Due to the complexity of the various tasks involved, team members perforce learn to leverage the strengths of each other. Often we see the whole journey of a team from Forming stage to Performing stage - unravel during the course of this activity.

Building the Supercar also allows the team to discover various means to manage the inevitable conflicts and the dynamics of the team during the process. Co-relating this experience to real time scenarios in the organization, the activity illuminates the concerns that affect people in a team - and facilitates a discussion on what helps in making better teams & how a team can plan to win together.

If you are looking for a fun, largely indoor activity - that challenges your team's creativity and resolve to overcome any challenges thrown at it - we invite you to take The Supercar Challenge!


Download the Super Car Challenge One Pager