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Team bonding

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What you will learn in Team bonding

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Team bonding

Without team bonding, team members feel disconnected and disengaged from their work and colleagues, affecting productivity, morale, and job satisfaction. On the other hand, the power of teams that are well bonded is well documented. Check out these activities below for your next team bonding session!

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Targeted business outcomes

Each of the modules here are thoughtfully customized to the specific cohort, to target one or many of these outcomes:

  • Busting silos and fostering a more holistic approach to problem-solving and decision-making
  • Working towards achieving a common goal
  • Building a team that handle conflicts more constructively, resulting in quicker resolutions
  • Higher efficiency and productivity within the organization

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On each topic page, you will see icons on the right that clarify this. This is how you decode them:

  • ILT (Instructor-led Training) - ILT (Instructor-led Training)
  • VILT (Virtual Instructor-led Training) - VILT (Virtual Instructor-led Training)
  • ML (Microlearning) - ML (Microlearning)

Every single workshop is customized to the precise customer need and brief. Our client advisory team will work closely with you to understand your context and pass it on to the execution team.

You can download a program overview from each of the topic pages. Do note that while this will give you a broad structure of the workshop, our learning designers will still need to talk with you to customize the workshop to your context.

Everything that would be needed for running the workshop will be arranged by the FocusU team. The exclusions are only the arrangements needed at the venue like say a mic, AV system, screen, projector & required seating / table arrangement. If it is a virtual program, we can arrange the virtual platform or conduct it on yours - as per your convenience.

We would need the following details, to make a meaningful proposal that aligns with your requirement:

  • Objective: What is the end goal of doing this intervention?
  • People: Demographics of the group - age, gender mix, seniority, nationality.
  • Time: How much time do you have for this?
  • Other: Anything specific about the team or team dynamics that we should have the context of before designing the workshop?
  • Venue: In-person or virtual, which city, which hotel or office, which conference room

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  •  compnany logo

    FocusU conducted an excellent training program - the team was full of energy and enthusiasm. The sessions were led with tremendous gusto ensuring participation of each member. The messages were driven home through a very intuitive process of games in practice followed by theory sessions. The process of taking immediate feedback and discussion resulted in participative and experiential learning.

    Sandeep Kakar
    Aditya Birla Capital
  •  compnany logo

    The activities were truly fun. Particularly enjoyed the quirky challenges which made us get over our inhibitions like performances before colleagues or letting the fun side of our personalities show through photos we'd prefer to keep to ourselves. The time constraint and need for coordination amongst team members really fuelled our creativity both as individuals and as a team.

    Pravin Mahajan
    Shobiz Experiential Communications Pvt Ltd VP Strategic Business Unit
  •  compnany logo

    The FocusU Team facilitated 2 four day management cum fun, pan company offsites. They were absolutely fabulous! They are very thorough and professional, have a great can-do attitude and gelled very well with all levels of people in our organization. They have a great company DNA and its been a pleasure working with them. Focus, we are looking forward to engaging you again. Wish you all the best.

    Siddharth Suri
    Impulse India Director

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