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Remote Haka Challenge

The authentic Maori experience from New Zealand, to energize, unite & find purpose for your team 


Energise events. Build unity. Connect to values.

Haka is a dance of the Maori people of New Zealand. For Maori, Haka brings them together, connects them with their land and their ancestors – a ritual that unites them in celebration or loss.

Haka prepared the Maori warriors to win battles, as it has inspired the All Blacks to be the world’s greatest sports team. Haka shows us how to approach business and life:

• With passion, energy and commitment
• Boldly facing challenges
• Standing shoulder to shoulder
• With the confidence to win

FocusU in partnership with Haka Works, brings the original Haka experience now to India through a virtual experience like no other. Haka Works comprises indigenous New Zealanders raised with haka and steeped in Maori culture. Since 2004 they have been helping professional teams feel the power, energy and unity that can only be experienced through haka.

The demands of working from home can mean increased isolation and disconnection from your team and its purpose. Haka can keep your team connected and energised, by sharing and teaching haka at team meetings or online events. Haka generates team energy and unity through synchronised physical and vocal activity. It is simple to set up and can be done remotely from your home or office.

Remote Haka comprises 3 parts (of which you can choose any or all):
Haka Performance – A haka performance followed by an explanation of haka and the underlying values in haka.
Teaching Haka – Teaching the simple and powerful message of haka: standing strong and united as one to overcome adversity
Performing Haka – Performing the haka remotely but being connected as one team and united in the moment.

The activity can be run purely as an engagement activity or as an activity with a purposeful debrief at the end. When debriefed, the activity is brought to a close with participants sharing their different thoughts, experiences and insights from the activity and connecting the experience back to their different workplace situations.

Each session is generally customised to the client brief, ensuring that the messaging aligns with what the clients goals are for the event or conference. This could be key messaging such as:

– Facing your challenges as a team
– Outside the box thinking
– Resilience
– Defeat the competition

A few key parameters:

15 – 60 minutes

Time Limit

Virtual (any platform)

Where this can be run

Upto 1000

Group sizes

Debrief can be customised


Is this workshop right for my team?
Haka workshops are fun, engaging, interactive and high energy events with deep learnings that participants can take away and apply to their personal and working lives.

A few key take-aways from the session are:

Energy – The power and spectacle of haka changes the energy in a team bringing anticipation and expectation
Team Unity – Uniting and building your team with an unforgettable experience
Key Values – Understanding key values required for team cohesion – authenticity, humility, family, shared purpose.

If you are looking for a high energy activity, that also helps in bringing your team together, FocusU invites you to the authentic Maori experience – The Remote Haka Challenge!

Contact Us today – we will be glad to meet up and discuss the possibilities for your team!


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    “Karl and Maylee took us on a discovery journey through storytelling and connecting Māori mythology with the theme of our regional meeting through a virtual session across 6 time zones. Massive positive energy for the team and a real sense of achievement with all 40+ online participants actively performing a haka by the end of the session. Tau kē!"
    Tony Martin
    General Manager NZTE, Middle East Region