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Method: Experiential Learning

Experiential learning means – learning by doing. Watch this video:

As Confucius put it, very wisely:
What we hear, we forget
What we see, we remember
What we do, we understand!
This is the magic of Experiential learning.
⦁ We start with an engaging, fun experience
⦁ We all talk about, “what happened in the activity”?
⦁ We together arrive at “what are the insights” from that?
⦁ Finally – how do we take that back to our work place?
Learning happens when participants are fully engaged.
It is far beyond slides and classrooms!

Learning happens when everyone actively participates.
Not just the trainer doing all the taking!

Learning happens when there is laughter interspersed in it.
Laughter is no enemy to learning!

Come discover the magic of Experiential Learning!