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Greg Orme

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Greg is an award-winning author, CEO, entrepreneur and organisational change veteran who’s delivered more than 350 highly-rated talks and webinars to executive audiences around the world. He helps leaders thrive in a world of accelerating disruption through creative-thinking, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. His book The Human Edge, how curiosity and creativity are your superpowers in the digital economy (Pearson) was named as the Business Book of The Year 2020.

Greg has appeared on BBC World News, Forbes and in The Financial Times among others. His first book The Spark, how to ignite and lead business creativity (FT Publishing, 2014) is now available in a Chinese translation.

Greg was the founding CEO of London Business School’s Centre for Creative Business. He now leads organisational change programmes at London Business School with global clients in banking & insurance, automotive, FMCG, manufacturing and technology.

Greg’s first career as a BBC and ITV television journalist enables him to speak and write with memorable clarity. As well as being a humorous and engaging speaker, his journalism grounding makes him a sought-after facilitator of large face-to-face and virtual events.

Spotlight Areas:

Here are a few compelling topics that Greg talks about on a regular basis in his engagements.

Future-Fit Leadership
• Engage with tech disruption to grow value in a world of constant disruption
• Build a culture of creativity
• Disrupt your own team with curious questions
• Discover ‘great problems’ in order to accelerate innovation

Sharpen Your Human Edge

How to develop the leadership ‘superpowers’ in Greg’s book The Human Edge (Pearson), named as Business Book of the Year 2020.
Consciousness: Find focus and personal meaning to motivate yourself and others
Curiosity: Learn effortlessly – as fast as the world is changing around you
Creativity: Build a unique creative-thinking process
Collaboration: Experiment to ensure your best ideas make an impact in the world

L.I.F.T.™ your Team in Challenging Times
The practical science-based tools and techniques in Greg Orme’s L.I.F.T™ Leadership Model:
Laughter: Leverage humour to boost resilience, cooperation and creative-thinking
Ideas: Ignite invention, agility and entrepreneurship
Focus: Acquire day-to-day structure and high performance productivity ‘sprints’
Threat: Support physical & mental health – and articulate an inspirational ‘Why?’

Boost Your Leadership Impact
How to communicate with impact in face-to-face and virtual scenarios
Land your message: humour, stories, striking images, interactivity and video content
Supercharge energy: voice, body and emotions
Structure content: to deliver flawlessly ‘in the moment’
Encourage interaction: learn the secrets of professional Q&A and facilitation
Master the technical stuff: slides, images, framing, backgrounds, audio, lighting

A few key parameters:

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45-90 Minutes

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Is this Masterclass right for my team?
Everyone has an opportunity to ignite their curiosity and creativity at work. It can, and must, happen at every level of the organization; it’s one of those unwritten parts of all job descriptions. It drives all news ideas, innovation and change.

Greg Orme with his impressive credentials and experience is uniquely placed to talk about this topic like few other Facilitators possibly could. His portfolio of leadership development clients include Sky, Ogilvy & Mather, eBay, BMW, the International Olympic Committee, the World Economic Forum, EY, Accenture, Tata Steel, the Young Presidents’ Organization, Randstad Group and Virgin Media among others.

If you are looking at igniting more strategic thinking in your leadership team through creative-thinking, innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset, Greg Orme is your man. FocusU invites you to explore a Masterclass with him.

Contact Us today – we will be glad to meet up and discuss the possibilities for your team!


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