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Gen Hooda

Know Your Facilitator

Lieutenant General Deependra Singh Hooda is a retired Indian Army officer whose distinguished 40-year career is a testament to his exceptional leadership and strategic acumen.

Early in his career, Lt. Gen. Hooda played a pivotal role in leading rescue efforts during the devastating 2005 Kashmir earthquake. His ability to make quick decisions under immense pressure and inspire his team during a humanitarian crisis showcased his natural leadership qualities.

Lt. Gen. Hooda’s international experience broadened his perspective and strategic thinking. He served as the Chief Logistics Officer for the United Nations Mission to Ethiopia and Eritrea, demonstrating his ability to navigate complex international diplomacy and ensure smooth logistical operations.

He also attended the prestigious Command and Staff College in Canada, further developing his strategic thinking.

He is a co-founder of the Council for Strategic and Defense Research, a prominent New Delhi think-tank, where he engages in discussions and research on national security issues. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Delhi Policy Group, a platform where he shares his insights on leadership, strategy, and international affairs through media and public speaking engagements.

Lt. Gen. Hooda’s ability to draw parallels between the battlefield and the boardroom makes his insights invaluable for leaders in all sectors.

His Masterclass offers a unique opportunity to learn from a decorated military leader and gain practical frameworks for strategic decision-making under pressure.

Spotlight Areas:

  • Leadership in Crisis
  • Decision-Making in High-Pressure Environments
  • Strategic Decision-Making Frameworks
  • Inspiring and Developing Future Leaders
  • Parallels between Military Strategy & Business Leadership

A Few Key Parameters:

60-90 minutes

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15 – 500

Group sizes

1 Session

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