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Find your Spike

Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life – Confucius

Think about a time when you did something so passionately that you lost the sense of time while at it. Chances are some of your best work happened at that time. And chances are you came out of that experience being fully satiated!… So much so, that even now when you think about it – you feel good!
The Hungarian psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi gave a name for this state of utter delight and peak performance. He called it being in a state of “Flow”. A state in which your mind becomes so entirely absorbed in the activity that you “forget yourself” and begin to act effortlessly, with a heightened sense of awareness of the here and now (athletes often describe this as “being in the zone”).

So how does one get into a state of Flow?

The first step in getting into a state of flow is to find your own spike. Spike is where your deepest purpose – your why – meets your passion. Whether they are conscious about it or not – people who find their Spike are always people who love what they are doing, and in doing so feel like their most authentic selves. Wouldn’t it be a shame if we do not help each one of our team members find their own individual Spike in life?

Finding your Spike is a personal expedition. And just like all expeditions, what it calls for is a sense of adventure to venture out, to be open to feedback, to go where the narrow uncertain trails may lead you to and beyond all, to be open to possibilities.

As Anita Roddick, human rights activist, environmental campaigner and founder of The Body Shop, exhorted, “Look for your passion. What makes you excited? What turns you on?” But finding your spike is not just about your passion only. It is about finding answers to a few important questions like:

• What makes you come alive?
• What are your innate strengths?
• Where do you add the greatest value?
• How will you measure your life?

Through an engaging half a day workshop experience woven around the seminal work done by educationists like Sir Ken Robinson and thought leaders like Simon Sinek, FocusU brings to life a workshop experience interspersed with engaging activities & thought experiments that nudge participants towards finding their own Spike in life.

If empowering each one of your team members is a mission with you – FocusU invites you to explore our workshop on Finding your Spike. Contact us today – we will be glad to meet up and discuss the possibilities for your team!