Escape Gaming Challenge

Can you save the world?

Participants discover a mysterious connected suitcase. FocusU in collaboration with our French partners Urban Gaming, brings to India a technology based challenge like nothing you have ever experienced before!

With the help of a touchpad, they will have to open mysterious boxes one by one and will live a digital and collective adventure that they will not forget. The superheroes of digital assist them in this colorful adventure!


The group chatterer. She masters social networks on the fingertips. Her favorite network is Facebook, but she also loves Twitter, Instagram, and all the networks from the most professional to the hottest!


Connected objects have no secrets for him! Connected padlocks, drones, bluetooth key, he uses them, repairs them and hacks them! He is the smartest hacker of the band, and he likes to share his discoveries.


Big Data is his hobby. He likes numbers, databases, for what they can bring to society, to a company. Fidelity cards, CRMs are his everyday tools!


The arcana of the web, she can spend hours trawling Search engines, google map, Wikipedia… she meanders the web in search of relevant information to carry out her mission! The most accessible superhero.

This is one challenge that is for the quick witted and sharp in thinking. It challenges teams to flex their thinking in myriad ways linked to different latest technologies. Teams lose themselves so completely in the experience that 90 minutes whiz by before they realize that the time is up!

The workshop can be debriefed, if needed around a few lines:
• The importance of team work
• The need to flex our thinking while addressing different problems
• Not getting stuck on the “first right answer”
• Embracing different new technologies!

Is the Digital Escape Game right for my team?

If you have a team that is not techno phobic and is open to taking up a challenge that stretches their ability to think and solve problems, this is a challenge tailor made for your team. As of now we can run this for team sizes of upto 100 people at a time. The activity can be run either in a hotel or resort or even a large office conference room.

The activity is also ideal as a conference engagement activity that can be run anywhere across the world!

Contact Us today - we will be glad to meet up and discuss the possibilities for your team!