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A research to understand various post training initiatives adopted by organizations today

Development & learning is a long – term process, requiring spaced exposure, practice and application. L&D and HR professionals have embraced various methods to enhance retention and enable learners to apply the learning at work.

In this research piece, we reached out to many of our customers to understand the various post training interventions that they have leveraged to strengthen the learning for their teams. We defined post training interventions as any learning activity which complements the primary classroom/physical workshop intervention. These could include any or more of the following:

• Email communications with the training content/deck/pdfs
• Videos related to the content of the training
• Live projects which enable learners to apply the concepts to specific work areas
• Application exercises (case-lets or scenarios) wherein learners can apply their learning
• Webinars with experts in the subject
• Use of WhatsApp/social platforms for interactions
• Game based content
• Case Studies etc.

Download this ebook so that you can understand:

• Which kind of post training activities are being currently leveraged?
• Which are the preferred activities and the growing trends?
• What are the difficulties that professionals face while designing post training activities?
• What is the likelihood of their using mobile based microlearning in the near future?

Download this research report to gain insights into this very important phase of learning.

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