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More on Psychological Safety

Psychological safety at work takes effort. It’s not the norm. But it is worth the effort.

– Amy Edmundson – Professor, HBS

Psychological safety is all about providing a workplace environment that makes employees feel safe. They have faith that they will be protected from social and interpersonal threats that will undermine their status or identity. They feel safe enough to ask for feedback, seek help, admit to errors or lack of knowledge, try new work-related activities, and voice their opinion knowing that they will be safe emotionally or psychologically.

Download this eBook so that you can:

• Understand what are the benefits of creating such a place?
• 10 warning signs to know if your workplace isn’t one
• How management. Managers and employees themselves may be unconsciously contributing to creating a psychologically unsafe workplace.
• How managers can contribute to creating a psychologically safe environment
• How employees can contribute to creating a psychologically safe environment


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