The BodyJam Challenge

Have you ever found yourself without the right tools for the job? Making music isn’t about having the right instruments, it’s about knowing how to make something out of nothing.

Take a look at this video, by Barbatuques and get inspired:

This session is all about challenging your team to reach within and produce the sounds that their hearts and bodies already know how to create. Participants will be challenged to become their own instruments and, as a team, create and perform using their own body parts as instruments!

FocusU Rhythm Facilitators push, prod, tease and teach participants to explore and discover different sounds that they can create using their own bodies!

This challenge not only encourages, but also pushes participants to think outside the box and stretch their creative boundaries! The reality of corporate life is that resources are often constrained. What would your team do in such a scenario? Would they give up or would they improvise to make best use of what they have in hand?

The Body Jam Challenge is an interesting way to get your team engaged with the above question while also having some pure unadulterated fun. This challenge is good for groups of small to moderate size and can be set up in any indoor or outdoor space.

If you are looking at some creative challenge, push your team to Body Jam today!