The Beach Olympics Challenge

Team Building with the Sun, Sea and Sand

Beach destinations like Goa, Kerala and Pondicherry - make an ideal setting for teams to come together and have some uninhibited fun. Whether it is splashing around in the water, rolling in the sands or playing games under the open sun & sands - beaches tend to be an ideal release, especially for stressed up executives!

If you are lucky enough to be planning your team offsite at any such beach location, FocusU invites you to take The Beach Challenge!

Beach Challenge
The Beach Challenge Activity

The Beach Olympics Challenge comprises a series of really fun, team challenges - all fine tuned to challenge them towards displaying characteristics that go on to make a great team - like coordination, teamwork, communication, planning & creativity!

Other than the exhilaration of getting wet and dirty under the sun and sea, the different intriguing challenges - like Water Kucher, Minefileld, Mission impossible & Sandcastle - soon become a prop for teams to introspect and talk about the different intra and inter team elements that come to the fore, amidst all the raucous fun!

Heres inviting you to take The Beach Olympics Challenge!

Download the Beach Olympics Challenge One Pager

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