Air Band Challenge

Becoming a bona fide rock star takes years of musical practice, a killer look and sound, a spellbinding personality, and a LOT-- of good luck. Correct?

Not correct!.... yes, you read that right – FocusU invites you to the Air Band Challenge – your own opportunity to live your rockstar dream!

The Air Band challenge is an opportunity to live your wildest dreams! Get into the shoes of your favourite rock stars and bands, get into the spirit, get into the mood and put on a rock show to remember! A rock show that will be talked about and remembered for a long long time. It does not matter what your poison is: Pink Floyd’s guitar solos, the on stage presence of AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, Mettalica or Guns and **** Roses…… everybody has a rock star fantasy that is itching to break free!


Emulating your idols on a stage (with costumes, hair, and make-up!) in front of your colleagues is a perfect way of getting to know one another in fun and completely new way out of the work place.

The activity involves teams working in smaller groups coming together to emulate their idols on a stage. Most ingredients that you need to become a rock group that puts together a pulsating rock performance is provided by us – that includes costumes, hair & make-up, and the musical instruments of-course! All you need to be successful is that you drop all your inhibitions and bring in oomph’s of attitude! Just a quick caveat here: We don’t say it is going to be easy! Being a Rockstar never was!

Is the Air Band Challenge right for your team?

This activity is perfect for your team to see their colleagues in a way they would never have imagined before. It allows for even the most reserved person to really cut loose. Entertaining antics and energy remain high throughout the length of this challenge, leading to loads of laughter and bonding. Hierarchy levels come crashing down and so do assumptions on age & gender as participants unveil so far unrevealed sides to themselves and surprise not just their colleagues, but themselves too!

Quietly the magic sauce plays out: A team that laughs together often stays together and performs better together!

In the Air Band Challenge, your team is transported to a rock star mindset and out of work while getting a chance at the limelight and their 15 minutes of fame! The activity is debriefed around the need for openness, transparency and trust in teams. It also subtly brings out the learning that when we push ourselves far outside our comfort levels – we can often surprise ourselves! This is one activity that is also a sure-fire silo buster. This 2-hour rock concert experience is good for small to medium-sized groups of around 75 people at a time.

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