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Musical Team Building Activities : Part 1

Music & Build Team

Music & Build Team

The hustle and bustle of everyday work life has somehow made us forget the kids that we all used to be. We all have a fun side that has been long forgotten while we strive to earn and create a living for ourselves. We must understand that work is a part of our lives and not life itself. This is exactly is why fun and work should occupy the same amount of time in our days!

We understand that the concept of work-life balance is almost nonexistent as it is difficult to maintain this balance in reality. We also know that taking time out from the work schedule can be overwhelming sometimes, which is why we believe that workplaces should be fun places.

Your office is the place where you spend most of your day, 9 hours let’s say? So, isn’t it imperative that your work environment be motivating and stimulating? Let us understand why!

An office is a place where people with diverse backgrounds, talents, skills, ideologies, mindsets and thought processes come together to achieve a common organisational goal. Not to mention that it is necessary to help them align their personal goals with the goals of the company to keep the business flourishing. Moreover, communication is the essence of every workplace for which it is vital that the individuals and teams share a bond that is beyond work.

Team building is not just a term – it is much more! Team building with music creates the harmonious melody of unity in diversity. It is about bringing together the varied skills and ideologies to form a unit that functions together coherently. When fun is in the air and winning is at stake, everyone works together with more power and enthusiasm to make their team win. Team building activities not only enhance overall team bonding, but also enrich the ties amongst individuals. Who knows – work connections might turn into friendships and relationships!

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Team building should be priority number one for any organisation, which is why we bring you the best of team building activities to create and nurture internal ties and relations.

The Boom Chicka Boom Challenge

Have you ever seen music created using hollow pipes? Wondering what hollow pipes can do? Well, imagine a room filled with people having colourful pipes in their hands, all working together to create music. This is what the Boom Chicka Boom Challenge is all about. Where is the challenge in this? Well, the challenge is to create music collectively rather than focusing on the individual beats (and the individual parts). The excitement and energy within the room builds up as the momentum and complexity increases.

The Rhythm Challenge

Since time immemorial, music and rhythm have acted as primary tools for supporting a community’s well-being. This activity is about creating the same magic through the use of drums. In The Rhythm Challenge, the facilitators will teach you the basics, from how to strike the drum, to jamming as a group. This gives the participants a chance to step out of their daily lives and overcome insecurities through the power of music.

The Harmonica Challenge

Best suited for indoor outings, The Harmonica Challenge is designed to make your team members create the magic of music using the harmonica (aka the mouth organ). As with all of our challenges, the activity is designed for everyone – you don’t have to know how a thing about music to enjoy it! The best part –  you get to keep your harmonicas as a small takeaway from the session. So, relive the moments from the Bollywood song, “Mere sapno ki rani” and recreate the magic with your team!

All the activities mentioned above, whether indoor or outdoor, are designed to establish better trust, improve communication, and build stronger bonds amongst teams and team members. It also helps enhance overall relationships. You and your team will experience the difference in your organisational culture and team relationships post these activities. Music is the language that unites us all – you will see this coming true!

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Have you done any exciting musical team building activities? Let us know!

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