Musical Team Building Activities : Part 2 - FocusU

Musical Team Building Activities : Part 2

Music Day & Team Building

Music Day & Team Building

An office is a place where people from different backgrounds with varied beliefs and ideologies come together to achieve the common organisational goals. Have we mentioned this already?

Well, OK! The simplest explanation to why we are emphasising on this again and again is that – an organisation that understands and respects the individuality of their employees is the one that sails the smoothest.

It is all about building teams and bonds. The stronger the ties, the stronger the will to contribute and work together in harmony and unity will be. Team building is not just about workplace coherence; it is about creating bonds that help establish a mutual understanding of each other’s personality traits as well as professional work. Employees are also better able to understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests, which enables them to divide work according to the future progress of the business.

Team building not only enables better communication among employees, but it also helps them foster innovation and creativity for better teamwork. Some studies also make the case that music is like the icing on the cake since it not only helps in team building, but also enhances individual productivity.

But enough about the why behind team building – let’s get to the activities now!

The Muso Music Challenge

Are you a leader who wants to instill the WE attitude in your team and remove the ME attitude? Well, then The Muso Magic Challenge is the activity for you and your team. First, get the team going with a few fun teaming ice-breakers to boost the team spirit then, move to different stations to practice writing lyrics, and even act out the lines written by the team! But is it only about singing and dancing? Of course, not! Aside from the inherent fun and unintentional exercise, the most important benefit is that it helps overcome pre-conceptions and mental biases and encourages collaboration across functions and teams. Try it today!

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The Ukulele Challenge

I can bet you would be smiling if I ask you, “Are you also in love with SRK playing mandolin in DDLJ?” Gotcha! Would you like to recreate the magic at your workplace? In that case, try The Ukulele Challenge! The ukulele is an instrument from Hawaii, similar to the mandolin played by ‘Raj.’ All your team needs to do is create the magic by playing some of their favourite songs on the ukulele – and don’t worry, as always, we give you the steps to do this – no musical ability required! Easy to learn and oh so melodious, this is one of the best activities you can do to help your employees kickstart their team building endeavours in the most musical way!

The Air Band Challenge

Remember those childhood days when you used to dream about becoming a rockstar? It is never too late to live your dream. Start now! Organise The Air Band Challenge for your team and help them bring alive their inner rockstar. In this activity individuals form smaller groups to imitate their idols on the stage. We provide you with the costumes, hair, make-up, and the musical instruments. All you need to bring is your talent and love for your favourite music star. Can you? Well, then slip into the rockstar mode now and gear up because the stage is set!

Are these activities already pepping you up for the team fun? Dream no more. Create the star buzz today. Write to us at and get rocking!

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