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Can We Make Music Without Instruments?

Music is all around us. It exists in the songs of the birds, in the waves of the oceans, and in a child’s laughter. Music even shows up in some unlikely places – in the horns on trucks, in the conversation of the couple sitting across from you in the coffee shop, and in the rhythmic roti making at the dhaba. So why not make music without instruments?

Often we think of music in the “popular” sense – bands, singers, and trained musicians. But music does not require special training or expensive instruments. While having a trained musician in your presence may help bring out your musical side, it is not necessary! Unleash the music-lover within by checking out one of the tips below.


1. Take a beat from our BodyJam Challenge: Use your body! Have you ever started tapping out a beat in a crowded room? What happened when you did this? Chances are those around you slowly recognized your beat by nodding their heads, then joined in and added to the beat. Tapping out a rhythm on a table can bring the whole room together in a musical jam session without anyone saying a word!

2. Sing: While it’s true your voice is an instrument, it’s not something you have to carry along with you. That’s the beauty of your voice – it’s always with you! Start singing a song when you’re with friends and they’re sure to join in. And if you’re lucky, you’ll end up discovering a hidden beat boxing talent!

3. Explore your computer: That’s right! As you already know, a lot of today’s music is created using technology, like EDM (Electronic Dance Music). I know, the computer/technology is sort of an instrument; some argue it is and some argue it isn’t, but without getting into that debate, you can explore many options to create your own beats and tunes digitally using a number of programs available.

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Tapping, clapping, snapping, and other sounds from your body are sure to involve those around you in an impromptu music-making session, and we highly encourage this in and outside of our professional lives. Just never forget that we are all music-makers. It does not require anything other than your body and your musical spirit to make some beautiful sounds! What will you do with your unborn talent? Keep it hidden, or let it thrive? Share with us the ways you make music in your life! Go out and start today!

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