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The Secret to Team Motivation: Finding a Larger Purpose

Lessons from the Velocipede Challenge

If I ask you, what is a bicycle, the first would be you will stare at me in surprise and then tell me, it is a means of transport, with a frame, two tires, a pedal, a handle, and a seat. But if I tell you that it is a dream for many children, a lifeline for many people and a must have for a fitness enthusiast, your perception about a bicycle will change completely. Till now you never thought that this simple looking means of transport could mean different to different people.

Most of us have driven bicycles in our childhood and it was a prized possession for us, but, have you ever thought of making a bicycle yourself? Don’t be surprised again as this is not a prank, and this is what Velocipede Challenge is all about. In this tremendous fun-filled activity you, as a team, build your own bicycle overcoming the thrown challenges. This journey doesn’t end here as the bicycles you make are donated to unprivileged children. This is the most exciting part of this activity – giving back to the society and the community, and you will cherish the smile on the faces of those children throughout your life.

Let’s now deep dive into some key lessons that the Velocipede Challenge teaches us.

Being Charitable Towards Others

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you,” John Bunyan has said. Charity is the best lesson we can learn from this activity. You will feel the joy of giving and will never forget the sparkle, you see in the eyes of the children while presenting the bicycles to them. It’s truly an unforgettable experience. The feeling that we are doing something good for society can only be felt, no words can explain that, and nothing can be great than bringing a smile on someone else’s face.

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Better Team Coordination

As a part of the Velocipede Challenge, while making a bicycle, you will have to earn money for the different parts of the bicycle. To earn that money you will have to face some challenges and solve certain puzzles which require great teamwork and coordination. While the participants perform this challenge together as one team, they are able to build a better bond among themselves. The sheer feeling that ”we” have built something ourselves is significant.

Makes You Goal-Oriented

The Velocipede Challenge teaches you to be a goal oriented person. In this activity, all the team members work towards a common goal – to build the best bicycle. They put all their efforts towards that goal and forget all the conflicts amongst themselves. The satisfaction which they get after accomplishing the task is mind-blowing.


The Velocipede Challenge is a great activity to foster teamwork and cooperation and at the same time, this is one activity that can keep every single person in a large group fully engaged. Most importantly, this fun-filled team challenge results in real bicycles for real kids in need! This feeling of contributing towards the society is unexplainable.


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