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Women On Wellness: WOW

By Women, For Women

“Healthy, engaged employees are your top competitive advantage.” – Richard Branson

Women today constitute an increasing percentage of the corporate workforce. Is their wellness a part of your workplace culture?

But why should you care?

An Assocham study stated that corporate wellness programs, if implemented effectively, can save India Inc. nearly $20 billion a year, as a result of bringing down the rate of absenteeism by just 1%. In fact, for every rupee that is spent on employee wellness, employers get a saving of Rs.132.33 as savings on absenteeism costs, and Rs. 6.62 back as reduced health care costs.

Interestingly, almost 50% of medical costs are incurred due to illnesses that can be avoided with small lifestyle changes. Research shows, that individuals who exercise frequently, stayed home from work on an average 2.11 days annually compared to 3.06 days for individuals who don’t exercise regularly.

Now, that is a compelling case for a harder look at a wellness program, isn’t it?

What makes this program special?

Corporate wellness programs that solely consist of health scans, gym memberships and reimbursements, paint the whole population with one wide brush. However, if the goal is to create a culture where employees choose to live a healthier lifestyle, rather than being forced to do so, the offering needs to be customized.

The complexities of women’s physical and mental health are unique and hence needs to be tackled differently. Women’s physiology, health and hormonal changes calls for a different approach than that for men.

W.O.W is a program for today’s women, designed by women – keeping their corporate lifestyle and it’s pressing challenges at heart.

FocusU brings together a thoughtfully put together Women on Wellness (W.O.W) program that focuses on the unique needs and capabilities of a woman and aligns it with the ancient science of hatha yoga, to create an experience that is truly impactful.

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha yoga is one of the most authentic and classical form of yoga that aims to bring a balance within the body, mind, emotion, energy and brings holistic wellbeing. The practice stems from a deep understanding of the mechanics of the body and uses yogic postures to enable the system to sustain higher dimensions of energy.
Hatha Yoga is said to enhance flexibility, beauty, vitality, longevity and helps maintain a disease and stress-free life. It strengthens the core from within and works on all the organ systems.

Why Hatha Yoga for women?

Women are far more likely to suffer depression than men, showed a research published in 2015 issue of Psychiatry and Neuroscience. Anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed also afflict women in great numbers. Hatha yoga bolsters mental health and eases the stress that often comes with the multiple hats women wear at home and at work.

A few key parameters:

2 – 3 Hours

Time Limit


Where this can be run

Upto 25

Group sizes

Debrief can be customised


Is this workshop right for my team?
The case for corporate wellness is compelling as the different numbers and statistics tell us. A healthy team is the first requisite for healthy business outcomes too! As Frederic Chopin the Polish composer and virtuoso pianist put it so succinctly: “As long as I have health and strength, I will gladly work all my days.” Most people would resonate with that thought.

The outcomes that the workshop seeks to achieve with the participants are:
• Specific asanas targeted at women, that builds flexibility, strength and stamina needed for a disease-free life.
• Easy to implement exercises at workplace to stay fit and energetic throughout the day.
• Powerful pranayama that stabilizes mind thus making it calm and focused.
• Guided meditation to relax and rejuvenate.

Through a memorable workshop experience, FocusU brings to life the W.O.W workshop – to make a lasting difference to all participants who take this path.

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