Virtual Team Building

Employee engagement for remote teams

Employee engagement for remote teams

Why HR teams should embrace Virtual Team Building

Working remotely is here to stay. The flip side of this new paradigm is that it could lead to feelings of isolation and disconnection from colleagues, declining team productivity, and increasing conflicts. Virtual team building has hence become crucial to create a space for employees working remotely to catch-up informally, engage with each other and create a sense of community.

At FocusU, we bring our experience of more than a decade in this realm, to craft activities for employee engagement that are widely appreciated and have helped foster team bonding and growth. All virtually.

Why Virtual Team Building?

How We Do It

A snapshot of our Virtual Team Building offerings:

Virtual Team Building: All Your Queries Answered

1What exactly is Virtual Team Building?
Virtual team building is the way to engage and develop better relationships between virtual co-workers using video conferencing platforms.
People who work virtually do not have the same opportunities as employees in offices have; they rarely get to interact outside of the scope of work. Virtual teams building helps solve this most evident problem of distributed teams.
2Why do we need Virtual Team Building?
As humans we are all social creatures. We crave connection with other humans. Also the dynamics within teams doesn’t change when team members go virtual. This means the same challenges that existed in the real world – like lack of collaboration, silo behavior, team politics, individual & team disengagement – all of this continues to exist in the virtual world too.
Many of our clients who have now transitioned to Virtual Team Building tell us that they see benefits in the following areas:
• Team engagement
• Social learning of soft skills
• Team motivation & morale boosting
• Reinforcement of topics like Empathy, Reslilience and Agility
• Team collaboration

3How do you craft experiential learning virtually?
Virtual team bulding is not a whole new concept. It was used earlier with remote teams. It is just that with the pandemic it has become massively popular in recent times, since it presents a viable and attractive alternative to traditional team building sessions. Virtual technologies today allow the same Experiential learning experience that we used to run earlier to be replicated through the digital medium. Our emphasis remains the same: to deliver learning experiences that deliver real time fun, engagement and learning.
4What types of activities are provided?
We have a large portfolio of options available. Do check out our offerings under “A snapshot of our offerings.”
5What is the duration of the sessions?
The duration varies from 15 minutes to 120 minutes depending on the activity chosen.
6At a time, how many people can be part of it?
Although we recommend not more than 150 people at a time. We have run sessions for more than 500 people as well.
7How will a full day teambuilding program be converted into virtual team building?
We don’t recommend a session for more than 2 hours in a day. What many clients are doing is to run multiple such sessions spread out across the month.
8How do we ship the materials if it is virtual?
Most of the activities don’t require any specialised material. They have been designed so that material that is easily available at home can be used. However, for activities that need specific material, FocusU will make the necessary arrangements.
9What are the costs for different Virtual Team Building Activities?
The costs of the activities are a function of the complexity of execution and the time duration of engagement. Do reach out to our Client Advisors for a detailed chat on the same.
10What is the platform we are using for virtual engagement?
Virtual platforms in today’s day and age are what hotel venues used to be earlier. We don’t have any preference for them. We have conducted sessions on several different platforms so far that include – Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Airmeet, Webex, Google Meet, Skype and Blue Jeans.
11I still have a few unanswered questions!
The more the questions, the more the clarity you finally have. Isn’t it? Please pick up your phone and feel free to call us at +91-8882337788 or write to us at We will get back to you pronto!

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