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Virtual Keypunch Challenge

An intense, fast paced and competitive activity for teams to learn lessons around change

virtual keypunch

An intense, fast paced activity that often leaves participants breathless in excitement and the spirit of competition.

Anyone who has ever done the Keypunch activity would be a fan of this pulsating, exciting activity that is also a very powerful way to drive home the message around the importance of being open to change and adapting to it.

The same activity is now adapted to a virtual delivery mode. The broad rules of the activity remain just the same. But when the key learning from the activity is around change, you know that there will be different elements of change to challenge you! And yet, it is neither predictable nor a cake walk for participants. The only thing we can assure you is that – it is just as much fun even in its virtual avatar!

Here are some images to give you a sense of how it happens when done non-virtually.

The activity involves teams broken into smaller groups having to punch number pads that are scattered in the virtual space in a numerical sequence, in the shortest possible time. There are rules and constraints, which if broken earn the team a penalty. The Facilitators signal a start and the action starts. And just as it happens in the real world, the buzz and the excitement of the activity takes over.

A few key parameters

0.5-1 hour

Time Limit


Where this can be run

Up to 50

Group sizes

Debrief can be customised


Is this workshop right for my team?

The Keypunch is an extremely powerful activity to deliver the messages around change – anticipating change, adapting to it and accepting it as a part of life. In the turbulent times we live in where VUCA has got into everybody’s vocabulary, engaging team members on a discussion around the nature of change through an experiential activity like this is a great idea indeed.

A few themes this activity could also be debriefed on are:
• Anticipating changes
• Reacting/adapting promptly to changes
• Scenario planning
• Communicating under pressure.
Challenge your team to take the Virtual Keypunch Challenge.

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