The Willy Wonka Challenge

Never under-estimate the power of chocolate. – Anonymous

Inspired by the children’s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl – FocusU invites you to take a delicious team building challenge by none other than Willy Wonka that helps build great camaraderie and fun between participants in a conference!

In The Willy Wonka Challenge, teams working in smaller groups are put through a series of choco-centric challenges, each of which earns them valuable points! Once the points are earned, they head to the local Willy Wonka store (set up at the back of the conference room) – where they have to select from a wide variety of chocolate offerings – in multitudes of colors!

The task ahead of them is daunting – for each of the teams to build a section of a chocolate-powered bridge, that needs to be as sturdy as it looks good too! Just when they think they are done – comes their biggest challenge: To get all the sections together to build a chocolate bridge that is sturdy enough to ………. well, we cannot tell you everything here and spoil the fun, can we? Teams use chocolate bars, candy, and frosting to craft a bridge structure! Believe us, it takes more than engineering skill to craft the bridge. True leadership and communication skills are highlighted as participants work together to solve their challenges. And, yes, snacking on the building supplies can be allowed!

No matter how you look at it, The Willy Wonka Challenge! Is a unique team building event that will be a palate tempting treat for all participants!

Where can The Willy Wonka Challenge be held?

By the nature of chocolate and the weather we are blessed with in India, this is one challenge strictly for the indoors. The larger the room the lesser the chances of some of the chocolate bridge going back home with you as a chocolicious memory staining your pants. Hey, we are kidding – we do give you aprons – but you get the point about the room needing to be spacious, right?

Is the Willy Wonka Challenge right for your team?

The Willy Wonka challenge is right for teams of 20-100 people and takes around 2-3 hours to be staged. All it calls for is a good, spacious, air-conditioned banquet room and a team that does not mind getting its hands messy.

It runs well for all kinds of teams - junior, senior and everything in between due to the sheer playfulness that chocolate inspires. The activity itself can be debriefed around many themes – of handling ambiguity, creativity, showing leadership, making collaboration happen and the magic that laughter in a team brings forth while working! But guess what – the activity could also be run, just for the heck of it. For pure undiluted fun.

If what you are looking for is a unique, food inspired experience that can be melded with learning for your team – look no further than the Willy Wonka Challenge!

Contact us today - we will be glad to meet up and discuss the possibilities for your team!