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Team Olympics Challenge!

Citius. Altius. Fortius.

Nothing gets people as excited and charged up as pure, unadulterated sports! Add to that mix a generous dose of fun and rituals, music and war cries, score boards and super enthusiastic commentators and cheer leaders who keep the heart beats going – and that is the recipe for an electric atmosphere!

Fast paced action, Innovative challenges & Hilariously entertaining – The Team Olympics Challenge is a fantastic team based challenge – that can be setup either Indoor or Outdoor for group sizes ranging from 50 to 1000 people at a time.

The excitement of The Team Olympics Challenge starts well before the day of the offsite – when teams are pre-formed and invited to choose a common uniform, colors and slogans before even stepping into the Olympic arena.

The Olympics is kicked off in style with individual teams marching in waving their flags and slogans. Unlike in the traditional Olympics though, every single action here is graded and earns points! The Team Olympics are then kicked off in style with team leaders running around with the Olympic torch – and making the solemn vow to have fun, pure fun and nothing but fun through the intensely competitive games to follow!

The trumpet blows to signal the start of the games. And the field gets buzzing with activity and energy. The activities are fun however they come thick and fast and bring with them an element of healthy competition among the teams. The activities include an eclectic mix that calls for quick thinking, decision-making, creativity and energy. Sample a few such challenges: The Cross Fit Challenge, The Sumo Wrestling Challenge, The Dizzy Football Challenge, The Sack Race Challenge…. These are just a few!

The Team Olympic challenge reiterates a basic tenet of experiential learning – that the way people play is very often the way they work too. The whole activity can be run as a fun team experience. Alternatively, it can be debriefed at the very end – when in our experience, teams love to reflect and talk about the different intra and inter team dynamics that can come to the fore – amidst all the raucous fun!

At the end of the challenge, regardless of who stands atop the winner’s podium, popping the champagne bottles – people realize that the entire team comes out as the winner due to this fun and engaging experience!

If you are looking for a high-energy, competitive team building exercise, do try out the Team Olympic Challenge today!


Download the Team Olympics Challenge One Pager