Rocket Remote

Drive Remote Working Productivity

ROCKET-remote uses the award-winning ROCKET training platform to drive the understanding of best practices in remote-working.

The simulation enables participants to rapidly understand and improve the core principles that underpin productivity in the workplace. Simulating a real-life working environment, teams work together to resolve the commercial complexities that are posed in the real world.

FocusU in collaboration with Games Without Frontiers brings to you an engaging online simulation that is blended with the trademark FocusU facilitation, to create a compelling learning experience for all participants.

Using cutting-edge game technology the ROCKET-remote simulation drives a rich shared learning experience where participants will be tasked with running a complete organisation. They will quickly have to optimise how they work together, establish best working practices, and continuously review and update their methods on the fly. Thinking on their feet, they will have to rapidly iterate their thinking and still remain agile in an ever-changing environment. They will learn, sometimes the hard way, the direct impact of their decisions. Is your team up for the ROCKET-remote challenge?

The simulation brings out 12 different compelling outcomes – and the debrief for the activity can be customised to the priorities of the organization. These being:

1. Establish great remote teamwork
2. Understand the importance of sharing best practices
3. Unite everyone in a common purpose
4. Understand how communications must change in Remote Environments
5. Understand the impact of remote-working on business performance
6. Drive core business productivity
7. Build empathy and trust
8. Understand delegated decision-making
9. Understand the importance of wellbeing in coworkers
10. Build the standards and values for new working environments
11. Engender commitment and responsibility
12. Foster creativity

By enabling participants to experience and work through such challenges which are as close to real life as possible, the simulation results in the form of debrief sessions with the facilitators help participants in deriving great insight into how they can achieve remote working “zen.”

A few key parameters:

3-6 hours

Time Limit


Where this can be run

12-15 per session

Group sizes

Debrief can be customised


Is the Rocket Remote Simulation right for your team?

Some of the finest organisations on the planet are Remote. They have spent time getting their culture, systems, processes and communications fit for this working environment. And, indeed, they have turned it into a competitive advantage.

Remote working however is a different philosophy. Getting to ‘Remote Working Zen’ is a journey. It is not a project. Recognising when things are going right and when things are going wrong, and importantly, acting on both – is the only way to arrive at the destination. The simulation gives your team a powerful gamified way of practising and learning from this.

It doesn’t matter if you are seasoned remote workers or you are new to the game, ROCKET-remote is designed to accelerate your journey to become a productive high functioning remote team.

Contact Us today – we will be glad to meet up and discuss the possibilities for your team!

  • “The game was fantastic, and it couldn’t have come along at a better time. The new reality in which we find ourselves presents us with new challenges and ROCKET-remote helped to highlight opportunities to meet these challenges, become more efficient and improve as a team.”

    David Arneil
    Head of Design, H&A