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New Manager Training

Moving from ME to US

An important milestone for every employee in her climb up the corporate ladder, is when she steps into the role of a first time manager.

The natural instinct for most people at this stage of their careers is to first fall back upon those same skills that made them so successful as an individual contributor. But lo and behold, try hard as they may, the same skills suddenly seem completely inadequate while they grapple with their new role as a team manager. The parameter for measuring success for them has subtly changed from “doing a great job” to “getting a great job done”. And that makes all the difference!

Majority of the managers who are promoted do not receive any formal training on their new role as managers. Little wonder then that they struggle in their roles! The skills needed to succeed as a people manager, are a whole new paradigm:

⦁ Transitioning from being an individual contributor to a people manager
⦁ Coaxing out great performances from team members
⦁ Communicating effectively with the team
⦁ The art of influencing others
⦁ Coaching for performance
⦁ Creating a positive team climate
⦁ Delegating for growth and success
⦁ Unfortunately, often managers end up doing the tasks of team members one or two rungs below their job profiles. So how can we help an individual contributor transition seamlessly into his new role as an effective manager?

“The New Manager Learning Journey” by FocusU aims to address this gap through an innovative, experiential and hands-on design which gives new managers a flavor of managing teams and the related aspects as mentioned above.

Our team of experienced facilitators will work with you to design a customized learning journey, sprinkled with real life simulations relevant to your organization that will be meaningful and memorable for the participants. Furthermore, we ensure that the leaners are able to apply the principles back at work through our microlearning solutions. We can constantly track the learners’ progress and nudge them gently to make the transformation.

What is unique about it?

⦁ Each intervention is custom designed with real life scenarios related to managerial roles that the participants are likely to face in their work place. This makes it real and engaging for the participants.

⦁ Completely experiential format harnessing the power of PLAY to ensure the adequate mix of learning with FUN!

⦁ Run by highly experienced Facilitators, who have experience in building and managing high performance teams.

⦁ Unique take away for participants to better understand their managerial styles and mould them for successful team management.

⦁ Post workshop reinforcement and live project management through our microlearning platform to ensure that learnings are brought to life and we see meaningful results.

Talk to us today to know more about how to make your new managers more effective!

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  • "I attended the “Leading for Success” training program and wanted to share my feedback. It’s a 2 day training program and I can say it was less than 3 hours of class room session and the remaining hours were full of practical session. The best part is, we were all asked to perform multiple activities and concepts were explained by observing us during the course of the activity. So there was no boring class room kind of lecture and the learning was from your own action.

    As I already informed, I have attend this training like 2 years back and I am sure I did not enjoy the training as much as I did now. Many thanks to you/ L&D for organizing this type of session and do pass on my special thanks to the FocusU team for an interactive session.

    I think it might be worth to spread the word that it’s an all-new training however just carrying the same old name, so that some old lads like me gives a try."

    Associate Consultant - CGI

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